Top 5 Best Free Conference Call Service For 2018

In this modern business environment, technologies make it easy and convenient for clients, colleagues and partners to get connected while they are distributed in different locations, which allows teams to communicate, collaborate and co-annotate without any limitation. No matter what the meeting room or company size, there is a growing trend toward conference call service to support remote work and productive collaboration. There are vast options for companies, enterprises and business entities to choose for conference call service and communications in the market. With various options available and a lot at stake, it can be a difficult task to choose the suitable platform and device that works best for your organization.

We have used tons of apps, with both free conference calls or paid version, and have listed the below top 5 best free conference call service for our audience in the below session.

1. Skype

The most frequently used and largest app for free conference call in both daily communication and business occasions. It allows you to make free conference calls with features that quick to access, easy to join and free to use. It is the most popular app for free conference call services and everyone knows its name. Besides, Skype also offers different calling plans to landlines and cell phones worldwide. One of the outstanding features is that now you can see up to 25 people to join your free conference calling and see each other clearly.

2. ezTalks Meetings

This is one of the best free conference call services platforms that should be highly recommended, which is called ezTalks Meetings. It allows users to call from different platforms including smart phones, tablets, desktops, macs and even telephone if the Internet is not available. The app enables you to get connected with your friends or teams for remote education, online training, tele-health, remote interview and more. The free plan offers users the opportunity to host a meeting with up to 100 participants with rich functions including free group video calls, audio calls, screen sharing, remote support, instant messaging, recording and more. If you are in a start-up company, this is the best choice because it is totally free in the Starter Plan. Or if you are looking for an app for your enterprise with a large number of employees, you can consider the professional plan for better user management and controls. In a word, it is totally worth of your trying.

3. Whats App

Whats App is another app that worth of recommendation for the best conference call service. It allows you to have texts, group chats, voice calls, video calls as well as document sharing with your friends, families, partners, clients and colleagues. The conference call service delivered from Whats App is free, simple, secure and reliable with more than 1 billion users in over 180 countries. Recently, WhatsApp has launched person-to-person payments into beta in India, the largest market for this app, and will activate this feature in the soon future.
According to its features and use cases, it can be concluded that it is mostly used for informal conference calls and more likely to be a social communication app. If you are looking for formal free conference calling, this may not be the best for your organization.

4. ClickMeeting

It is one of the business-oriented best conference call service with lots of professional features for business collaboration. And it is also one of the best platforms to conduct your webinar which also offers free online conference meeting calls for all its registered users. If your organization are trying to seek a professional platform for sales and marketing events, or e-learning courses, onboard & training or panel discussion, this platform is your best choice. ClickMeeting helps to engage the audience with your content and ensuring everyone in the conference is up to date.

5. Tokbox

Tokbox is easy to conduct free conference calling with 20-25 participants for per session. You do not even need to download the app to perform interactive video, audio and messaging with your team members to maximize their creativity. So for every device, whether you’re building for web, mobile or desktop, their platform is compatible. Tokbox also supports of branded or custom solution for any possible requirements if your company is requiring for the special and outstanding design.

If you are navigating through a vast array of choices in free conference call services which are available for your organization, the above mentioned 5 best free conference call service will be listed on your options.Try any of these and identify the best solution for you.

How to Make Conference Call on Android?

In today’s business environment, getting people to meet up is becoming more and more difficult since everyone is busy with schedules and meetings. As the saying reveals, where there are problems, there must be resolutions. The telecommunicating technologies solve these problems with remote conference calls, meetings or collaboration. Staffs from around the world can be in the same virtual rooms just like the “face to face” meetings.

Among the various remote communication ways, the conference call is the most popular and efficient way to get teams connected. In this article, we will introduce how to conference call on android devices. Totally we have listed two effective options in two different situations and you can choose the one best suits for you.

1. Android conference call with default phone application

The most convenient way to make an android conference call with your friends or teams is to dial out their numbers directly from your phone.

Step 1. Launch your Android’s default Phone application.

how to make conference call on android

Find the default “Phone” application icon in your android device and tap to launch it;

Step 2. Enter the number and make the call

how to make conference call on android

Enter a phone number of one participant in the number pad and tap the green Phone icon to make a call to him/her; Or you can choose a contact from your contact list and tap the green Phone icon to make a call to him/her.

Step 3. Hold the call

Once the first participant answers your phone call, you can tell him to wait for s minute for you to invite other participants to this conference call on android.

Step 4. Call another friend

how to make conference call on android

Tap the Add Call icon on the screen and enter the second participant’s number on the number pad or select him/her from your contacts list; Then tap the green Phone icon to make a call to him/her.

Step 5. Merge the calls

how to make conference call on android

Once the second participant answers your call, you can merge the two calls by tapping “Merge” icon on the screen. Then your calls are merged into conference calls android with three participants (including yourself) and chats are free now!

Step 6. Add more participants

If necessary, you can add more participants by repeating the mentioned steps. Depending on your carrier, you can have at most 6 people joining in the conference call on android.

This is the most convenient and traditional way for conference calling android when you are not available to the Internet. With your cellphones and land-line costs, you can have a conference call on android devices easily.

2. Android conference calls with ezTalks Meetings

The other method to make a conference call on android is the use of a third party app, and this is also modern and most frequently used way in current business. Take ezTalks Meetings as an example, it allows you to make conference calling android with up to 100 participants for free. If it is not enough, you can sign up for the professional plan for up to 500 participants. Your teams, friends and participants can not only enjoy the free android conference calls but also with a lot of collaboration features which lacks from the traditional landlines. The following are the steps for a conference call on android with ezTalks Meetings.

Step 1. Download ezTalks Meetings app from Google Play

You download ezTalks Meetings from your Google Play, or if you want to install on your other devices, visit the Download Center for other versions.

Step 2. Install and Launch ezTalks Meetings

how to make conference call on android

Install the app and Launch ezTalks Meetings on your Android device. Click Sign Up and enter your email address. After finished, ezTalks will send you an email for activation. You can check your email address and activate your account then.

Step 3. Sign in to ezTalks Meetings

After activation, you can sign in with your ezTalks account and password.

Step 4. Host a conference call on android

Click „Add Buttom“, and then click “Host A Meeting” to make a conference meeting on your android device. Make sure your webcam,microphone and speaker are placed in the right places and you are in a free video conference calling android now!

how to make conference call on android

Step 5. Invite your participants

Share the room ID to the people that would like to join this android conference call. Or you can send email invitation to their email address. They can download ezTalks Meetings to join your meetings via room ID, or simple click the invitation link you have sent to join the conference call for video/audio chats, screen sharing, instant messaging, recording and more. All is done now and enjoy your conference call then!

This article has listed two ways on how to conference call on android. So if you are now avaialble to Internet or needs to make unofficial free conference calling android, you can choose the first way. Otherwise, you are suggested to use the second way, because you can even use it for your remote education and formal business meetings. In a word, give both of them a trial and see which method is suitable for you or your organisation.

Top 7 Video Call Recorder Apps

Technology has made it easy to communicate through video calls. That is why today video calls are popular and used by anyone whether at job places, homes or learning institutions. To spice up the video call tech, there is what is called video call recording. Anytime you record something, it is usually for future reference. It is always good to keep a record of these video calls for quality purposes and other valuable reasons.

Now video call recording is simply what the words say, you record the call as you continue talking to a person or people on the other end. To be able to do this, you need a video call recorder app. Without it may be hard to keep a record of your calls.

There are several video call recorder apps in the market. Each owner will claim to offer the best app. However, there are seven apps that are worth considering: ezTalks Meetings, Video Call Recorder, All Video Call Recorder, AnyCap Recorder, Callnote Call Recorder, AnyMeeting and Smart Video Call Recorder.

1. ezTalks Meetings

ezTalks Meetings is a video call recording app that enables organizations to communicate from any part of the world. It enables companies to hold online meetings remotely without employees necessarily being at the office. It is an easy to use app with easy navigation steps. To use it you need to download and run it and then sign in with either your Facebook or Google account. It is also a great video conferencing tool that would be beneficial to your organization.

About video recording, ezTalks Meetings comes with an option to record video conference calls or conferencing sessions when you need. It is a matter of clicking the Record button after starting a call. The recorded video call is saved as a .wmv file. In this way, you can always refer to the video call in case you need some clarification or you forgot an important aspect of a call. It is like keeping minutes somehow.

video call recorder

2. Video Call Recorder

The app provides high quality audio and video. You will not strain to hear your voice and that of the other participant. The high quality images will ensure your eyes are unharmed. There is a lot to tell from a video call. The nonverbal communication of person can tell you whether they are lying or being honest. Being able to read the nonverbal cues is only possible with great images. The app guarantees you that.

Remember that any video you record with Video Call Recorder is in an .mp4 format. That means the device on which you play it should support the format. Once you have the video recorded, you can always do anything with it, for instance share or edit it. The good thing about Video Call Recorder is that it records video conversations on a number of online platforms, including Facebook, WhatsApp, imo and Tango.

video call recorders

3. All Video Call Recorder

This is another video call recorder that is super user friendly. It also records in .mp4 format. You will have fun with an app that is so versatile. Apart from the popular apps, like Facebook, it also records amazing videos on ooVoo, ICQ and Tango.

All Video Call Recorder works on both Android phone and tablets. There is really nothing to worry about. All you need to do is open the app and click Start, and then continue with your conversation. Remember to click Stop when done. You do not want your marvelous video call mixed up with some crazy noises you make after the call. They will only eat up space on your device.

video call recording app

4. AnyCap Screen Recorder

It is a free video call recording app. It is such a fascinating app that you will have to try it. It enables you to do several things. You will have your videos recorded on your hard disk in real time. About video formats, the app supports both mp4 and avi videos. This way you have options. In case your device does not play one of the formats, it can always play the other.

You should have noticed that the app’s name does not have the word video. It is because it does great work with audio too. It does just record the audio in a video call. It can record it separately from the video. This is amazing if you are the type that loves manipulating videos for fun. It will save you the trouble of having to separate audio and video. Besides it capture the background sounds.

video call recording apps

5. Callnote Call Recorder

It is a worthwhile call recorder for video app as it helps you record Skype, Hangouts and Viber video calls among others. It also allows you to manipulate video in whatever way you like. You can get rid of unwanted sections. For example, you can share the recorded video calls on Facebook and YouTube as well. On storage, the app saves your video calls on Google Drive, OneNote, Evernote and Dropbox. Try the app and see how much you are missing.

video call recorder app

6. AnyMeeting

AnyMeeting is in the same group as ezTalks Meetings. They are both video conferencing apps. However, they have the ability to record any video content including video calls. Therefore, when you feel that an online presentationon AnyMeeting is important, ensure you record it by using AnyMeeting. You do not need another app for that.

video call recorder apps

7. Smart Video Call Recorder

Whether it is a group or a two-person video conversation, Smart Video Call Recorder app is here to ensure you safely store the call on your device. It captures both audio and video at the same time. The videos are usually in .mp4 format. Have all your Facebook, Tango, ICQ and Messenger video calls on your phone or tablet.

free video call recorder


Video calls are a great way to connect with friends, family and colleagues. They feel more personalized than simple audio or voice calls. You are able to see the person calling and have a more fulfilling conversation. Whatever your reason is to engage in a video call, there comes a time when you really need to store the call on some storage space.

Apart from the record being a future reference tool, it keeps your memories close. Have you ever found yourself playing a video repeatedly? If not, you need a video call recorder app immediately. Among the seven apps, find one or two that work well with your phone or tablet. Experience what others are through video calls.

6 Free Remote Meeting Tools Comparison

Remote meeting tools are used to connect people and allow them to share and collaborate documents, and share webcams and screens with them. Most companies that have employees all over the world or have some employees who work from home, feed these meeting tools to be extremely helpful. Below are some of the best free remote meeting tools in the market today.

1. Fuze

Fuze takes the number one spot as it is best suited for small organizations that do not have large amounts of money to put into remote meeting tools but still want the convenience of holding meetings online. Fuze is the only company that can hold up to twenty five participant without charging an extra dime. It surely gives the user value for their money. Twelve HD video feeds can be held simultaneously in their meeting spaces. Fuze provides its users with free cloud storage of up to 1GB so that they are able to keep their documents. The only thing that misses on their free plan is the ability to record your meetings. To be able to do so, you are required to pay some few extra dollars.

2. ezTalks Meetings

ezTalks Meetings is a free remote meeting tool that allows you to host an unlimited number of meetings through a live broadcasting via a browser. Unlike WebEx which allows you to have meetings for as long as you want, ezTalks only gives you forty minutes for every group meeting. ezTalks Meetings beats the other remote meeting tools mentioned above as it allows participants to record and play back group and private chats. It is similar to Web Ex in the sense that it also has an annotation tool that allows it to mark and share documents. ezTalks Meetings also allows the user to control the meeting and has forty eight hours email support.

3. WebEx 

WebEx did not get the top spot as their free account service is only able to support meetings of up to three people. Irrespective of this, it allows you access to all of its collaborative tools. This tool still gives you value as it enables you to speak through your webcam and VoIP to your participants. It enables you to talk to your participants either in a group or privately. Through the WebEx annotation tool, you are able to share and mark documents. WebEx has no restriction on how often or the length of time that you can host online meeting.

4. GoToMeeting

This remote meeting tool is similar to WebEx in that it only supports three participants while giving the full features of the tools. As opposed to Fuze and WebEx, for GoToMeeting you do not have to download it. The only thing you are required to do is get a link through a private meeting room. You can then use this link to connect with participants. GoToMeeting allows you to share documents and presentations. Through the use of google chrome, you can share screens with other participants. As compared to WebEx, it does not have as many tools for interacting with participants.

5. Google Hangouts

With the introduction of document collaboration and screen sharing, Google Hangouts has been propelled to the fore front as a provider of remote meeting tools. It provides free voice calls and high definition videos. In addition to this, it allows you to hold meetings with participants, share and collaborate on documents through google Docs. To access this free service, the only thing required is webcam, a google account and a microphone.

6. MeetingBurner

MeetingBurner is a remote meeting tool that allows you to meet with up to ten participants. As compared to Fuze, WebEx and GoToMeeting, Meeting Burner does not have most of the collaborative tools. For example it does not allow you to upload files or make notes on a whiteboard. Meeting Burner allows you to discuss and share documents as participants can still share screens. MeetingBurner is a free and simple meeting tool for any organization.

All the above plans are limited by the number of users that you are allowed to have in a single meeting and sometimes by the tools that are available to free users. Though this may present a problem for larger organizations, it works quite well for smaller groups or on a meeting that is face to face with the customer. Before you choose a remote meeting tool, it is critical that you concentrate on the most important things that matters most to your business and what you want to get out of your web conferencing service. You can then start researching on the best tools that meets your requirements. This is bound to make the process of selecting a remote meeting tool much simpler. With this information, you will be able to decide if a free plan is something that will work for you or your business or if it would be wiser to upgrade to a remote meeting tool that is charged.

Support H.265 codec, see ezTalks Onion how to play video conferencing

H.265 codec technology, launched since 2013, has lasted nearly four years, although there are various advantages, but because of the higher technical threshold, the video conferencing has not yet been widely used. February 2017, ezTalks, took the lead in creating the first full H.265 H.245 integrated video conferencing terminal X3, cited the industry sensation!
Application of H.265 codec technology, making X3 video streams in the same image quality to ensure 40% reduction; 1080P60 HD video playback can be supported; and only 512kb, you can achieve 1080P HD video conferencing results.

High with high energy, the world’s first H.265 integrated terminal ezTalks Onion listed
EzTalks Onion adhering to the integrated design, built-in 12x optical zoom wide-angle camera + H.265 video conferencing terminal. Therefore, the installation of equipment will be more simple, no external camera, connected to the monitor, plus Omni-directional wheat, access to the network, a simple three-step high-definition video conferencing.
The terminal’s camera is well equipped with a 12x optical zoom wide-angle lens, the image can be freely zoom in and zoom out to make the picture appear more clear; the lens supports vertical 80 ?, 360? Horizontal large-angle video capture, far and near , All-round imaging, perfect coverage of small, medium and large meeting rooms in every corner. In addition, 2.07 million pixels, 1080P HD movement, character images more delicate and natural, can accurately capture all the participants movements, demeanor, subtle facial expressions. Share, record the meeting every moment, bringing a more real presence.
2.4G remote control operation, compact and simple in palm control
Meet the market demand, streamline the operation process. As conference terminals become more sophisticated in function and performance, keyboards and mice do not conform to the embedded architecture nor do they simplify user operations. In this, X3 special use of 2.4G remote control, integrated common keys, compact and simple, both to control the terminal system can adjust the camera angle. Control the entire palm in the palm, both convenient and practical.
Full-featured, to meet a variety of remote audio and video communication needs
New X3 system platform support: whiteboard, data sharing, document presentation, recording and archiving, student name, raise his hand, online communication, directional communication, real-time discussion, video rotation and other functions. More interactive, whether it is office documents, PDF, applications, the current screen, or audio and video files can be simultaneously displayed to all participants to watch, advanced vector technology to ensure data file sharing clarity, to maximize teaching, Training, medical, conference needs.
Multi-terminal, cross-platform access, video communication freely
EzTalks Onion supports various types of terminal mixing sessions with PCs, laptops, tablets, cell phones and the like, and interoperability with H.323 standard protocol devices via MCUs. Achieve iOS, Android, Windows cross-platform operation, fully guarantee the stability of the meeting, data security, so that unlimited meetings, whether in a fixed office, or mobile phone, tablet can be unobstructed remote video communication.
The listing of ezTalks Onion has had a tremendous impact both inside and outside the industry and has been favored by many new and old customers. This product can be widely used in many fields such as video conferencing, interactive teaching, distance training and telemedicine. It is expected to cover major industries such as government, education, justice, finance, insurance, training and retail.
Although the H.264 standard has dominated the past long time. However, with ezTalks Onion epoch-making product launch, I believe H.265 mainstream video conferencing just around the corner, video conferencing applications H.265 will do a lot!

hangouts app not working enterprise collaboration software teleconference system disadvantages of online learning

ezTalks video conferencing, easy office and living

Those busy people, are you living okay?
Tired, seems to be one of the labels of this era, we are tired!
Study, work, family, kids, house, etc.
We are living in a time full of „tired“!
„Are you tired?“, Take this question to ask around friends, some people are weak „a little tired“, some people are righteous „of course tired“, some people are ambiguous „okay.“ The answer seems to be expected, of course, from these answers, we also glimpse a trace of comfort, the original we all so tired!

Student Times: The pressure of learning, there are studies, there are examinations; earnest hope from their parents; the most terrible is to learn a lot of hegemony, and you are just a school residue.
Into the community: the pressure of work, fast paced, some people have to work overtime, some people want to travel; some people want to raise a color gift, someone to repay the mortgage; some people still „treasure mother and workplace woman“, do not you My painful choice
Even a well-dressed, decent work, a room with a car, but still tired, because there is no time to communicate with friends, no time to share family happiness with their families, with friends and relatives to drag on and over.
Living in this fast-paced era, it is impossible to not look tired. However, it may be optimistic! There are always some people in this world who can organize their time in a reasonable and appropriate manner, work in an excellent and orderly manner, and live a leisurely life from time to time.
There are many ways to not be tired, you can learn to carry out effective time management, you can also improve your mood through exercise or travel, not tired is a skill, is a positive attitude, but also a repair . This is also the „ezTalks“ corporate slogan „hard work, hard play“, work dutifully, play wholeheartedly!
Of course, ezTalks this corporate slogan stems from its own brand of high self-confidence. With us: choose ezTalks, is to choose a relaxed lifestyle.
Children, through the interactive teaching, can receive the courses of the far-end teacher;
Work colleagues, do not rush, you can open a video conference remote collaborative office;
Busy people, but also through ezTalks with their loved ones, friends remote communication, interaction, see above!
We know that you are sure to want to save yourself from all kinds of stress and find the one who was energetic, passionate about work and full of imagination. So, please learn to give yourself the side not tired, leave it to others. Not tired way, that is – meet ezTalks.

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Video conference system education solutions

In the field of education, how to strengthen national education, how to enlarge the scope of education more broadly, how to improve the quality of the entire people through education, etc., all of which have given birth to the reform of the education system. At the same time, the pattern of global information integration and the education system must follow the construction of modern informatization. Video conference system is in such a large social context, in the field of education soon be applied.
Video conferencing system with a variety of audio and video interactive features, education and schools through the document sharing, whiteboard, text chat, desktop sharing, file transfer and other functions, so that agencies located in different places to jointly edit and modify each other Text, chart. Remote reporting, technical review, case sharing, project management and more can be done.

In distance education, teachers can use the document sharing feature to upload lesson plans for students to use, watch. Through video conferencing, students do not need to do anything during the class, and the documents they see are absolutely synchronized with the teacher. In addition, the video conferencing system is also equipped with rich annotation function, for teachers to focus on teaching outlined in order to improve student learning efficiency.
Students can not only hear the teacher’s voice in the distance, see the teacher’s face and the relevant lectures given by the teacher, but also require the teachers and students to interact and interact during the distance education. Teachers can synchronize the voice actions when they answer the students‘ questions Demonstration document synchronization, so that distance education such as face-to-face teaching, immersive as a room.
Support real-time video recording throughout the lesson, videos include lectures, lectures and other content displayed in the course video, multi-party video and audio images can be recorded at the same time can also split the video and data operations split-screen recording. Facilitate students to watch again, the same course a teacher do not have to repeat the explanation.
In addition to the above functions, the video conferencing system also supports a variety of participants, making daily meetings more convenient. Education departments or schools often hold meetings to convey the spirit of higher-level documents, discuss teaching plans, arrange teaching tasks and so on. In the past, the education department held a meeting. All the participants had to concentrate at the designated time. Due to the time coordination and traffic congestion, the attendance was uneven. The meeting was less effective and costly. This requires the use of video conferencing systems to hold or attend meetings anytime, anywhere to change the traditional ways to meet and improve work efficiency.

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Zoom Interactive Video Reviews 2017

Interactive video software is becoming a crucial part from the communication for all sorts of companies. Now companies are incorporating interactive video software within their communication system to help make the communication easy, instant, and much more effective. Many interactive video tools such as the ezTalks Conferences and Zoom are picking out some advanced technologies to help make the communication simple and easy , productive. In the following paragraphs, you’ll come to understand about the Zoom interactive video software.

Zoom offers various kinds of the intends to satisfy the demands of all of the sizes of companies. Miracle traffic bot could be tailored for the big and small corporations. Using the Zoom interactive video, you can twenty-five participating video streams. Furthermore, you could have greater than ten hosts and you’ll be in a position to host as much as 200 listeners and viewers.

Zoom has a simplified interface and HD audio and video. You should use dual or multiple screens with respect to the need for your meeting. It will allow you to see a gallery from the participant or think about using the primary frame with smaller sized thumbnails. Zoom enables you to talk about monitor. It will likewise let the user to record the conferences to some computer. You may also record it towards the cloud. The consumer may also chat independently with groups.

Would you like to learn more concerning the Zoom interactive video software? If so, you’ll be able to go to the following Zoom interactive video reviews. This review will focus both around the good and bad sides of the interactive video software.

Pros of Zoom Interactive Video:

1. Innovative

Using the HD audio and video, Zoom brings some innovation in to the webinars an internet-based collaboration. It features a dynamic voice recognition feature. Furthermore, you may have multiple options concerning the screen. The consumer may use the entire-screen, dual-steaming, and gallery view. For a moment also can join the meeting being an attendee on the phone dial -in if you’re not physically contained in the conference room.

2. Mobile Friendly

Zoom is mobile-friendly. This can be used software for that Android and iOS. Using the Zoom software, you are able to virtually connect with anywhere together with your smartphone and a web connection. You don’t need that you follow a specific spot to join the conferences. Zoom helps make the online collaboration convenient and simpler. This may also be built-into the Home windows, Mac, Linus, Android, and iOS. It enables you screen discussing, private and group chats, and document discussing. You may also possess the control of your mouse, keyboard, and also the white board.

3. Instant and Convenient Meeting

Using the Zoom, you’ve got the choice to start an immediate meeting. You may also join the scheduled meeting. Briefly, you’ve got the versatility to begin the meeting inside your convenient time. Whenever you will plan a gathering, you’ll have a Personal Meeting ID to distribute one of the participants. If you’re the host, you’ve got the facility to record the meeting. You may also mute a participant. Zoom may also allow you to create MP4 and MP4A tracks over the meeting. You’ve got the discussing feature with the highest quality material.

4. Simple to use

Zoom provides a simplified interface. The beginner can comprehend the features after some understanding from the technologies. With this particular software, you can begin a relevant video conferencing in tangible-time communication together with your smartphone only. You don’t need to physically dial-directly into attend or start the conferences. With a single click, you are able to join the conferences and may begin using the characteristics.

5. Safety

Zoom offers some developed security measures to keep the privacy from the online collaborations. The consumer may have own login password and user names. Besides, it’ll have the AES 256-bits file encryption and Secure Socket Layer (SSL) file encryption. Miracle traffic bot offers admin feature controls and role-based access control.

6. Free Version Can Be Obtained

Zooms provide a free version. Using the free service, you could have limitless sessions. As well as the developed features, you’ll have to consider some compensated plans.

Cons of Zoom Interactive Video:

1. Meeting for any Short Time

When you purchase the disposable version, you’ll be permitted to carry on a gathering for forty minutes with as many as fifty participants. If you would like more participants, you’ll have to think about a compensated version.

2. Lack of Real-time Document Discussing

Zoom doesn’t provide the real-time document discussing feature. They are a couple of negative points. Should you feel the overall benefits, you can just ignore these minor points. Furthermore, miracle traffic bot has gotten reviews that are positive by the majority of the users. They think it is more helpful for that instant meeting, versatility, mobile-friendly features, and cost-effective options.

Zoom interactive video could be a wise decision for that small , small-massive meeting but for the cloud interactive video. Zoom’s HD audio and video, professional display, and customizable plans can be quite helpful for that companies that are looking to integrate online collaboration tools to their existing communication systems.

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conference calls in skype
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Five Great Online Teaching Programs and Software

Nowadays, any type of education or learning isn’t restricted to old-style classrooms. Now situations are altered, and with the aid of online education platforms, students can acquire the best education from anywhere. These web based education tools are impressive within the result, and that’s the reasons students and teachers are selecting by doing this of learning.

In situation, you’re a modern teacher, and you need to do this approach to teaching, then here we are discussing five of the greatest online teaching programs, and you may choose a number of tools that fit your requirement for online education or learning.

1. Adobe Connect

Adobe is really a well-known name among students and teachers due to various legendary products which collaboration and learning software match the expectation of users. It features a special version for education that provides many features to teachers including presentation tweaking, generating real-time quizzes, session breakout, and one-on-one interaction. It has tracking systems to help you come on-time feedback on various aspects, also it can allow an instructor to watch the progress of scholars. All of these features together with many more allow it to be among the best online education platforms for college students and teacher in easy ways.

adobe connect

2. ezTalks Conferences

When we discuss of the greatest online teaching programs, then it’s impossible to disregard theezTalks Conferences about this list. It is really a full-fledged meeting software that actually works ideal for both business and education purpose. This collaboration meeting software has features for example interactive video, program, screen discussing, annotation, white board animation, personal interaction plus much more. Also, it may permit you to record the session to look at it later. This selection causes it to be an ideal tool for students and teachers because students can view the session later to understand it again. The most known factor about ezTalks Conferences is it is free of charge for 100 participants and if you would like it for additional audience, then a person always has the liberty to upgrade to compensated plans.

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3. Google Hangouts

Google Hangout is a superb tool that’s free of charge, also it can defeat the majority of the other online education platforms quickly. It provides you with the liberty to possess a video talk to individual and group too. Also, it can benefit you need to do white board animation, annotation, screen discussing and many other things which will make the internet teaching a far greater experience. Together with that, you might also need the liberty to make use of Google docs to talk about notes or any other details, and when an instructor really wants to broadcast the category, he is able to do this using YouTube. Each one of these things together turn it into a useful gizmo for online education.

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4. SlideRocket

Engaging and engaging presentations could be a terrific way to educate the scholars, and SlideRocket might help students and teachers in an effective way. This online education software enables collaborators to operate on the presentation or documents for much better work. All these documents will get a particular URL and students can share this Hyperlink to the teacher for evaluation. Students can combine the presentation or slides with audio, pictures as well as other styles. The great factor relating to this tool is you can reuse spreadsheets and when needed you are able to pull data from various live feeds. So, if you wish to find among the best online teaching programs, then make certain you include this within the list.


5. ProofHub

This can be a fantastic collaboration software that may enhance the online learning project with the aid of better collaboration and communication among various group people of the team. All group people can rapidly talk to other group people using chat, plus they can share various issues to resolve it in a nutshell time. If all of the students are in exactly the same page, they might have better outcomes and students can collaborate easily. Also, this straightforward tool might help them share the minds inside a more obvious ways. By doing this, students can systematically organize the information, plus they can display it for their organizers too. The very best factor relating to this tool is it is effective on the majority of the devices including mobile and desktops.


With the aid of above pointed out online teaching programs, you could have fast communication, better collaboration and simple connecting using the instructor too. Also, these power tools are simple to understand and employ in each and every situation which makes it a powerful tool for online learning. Because of these functions students could possibly get more advantages of the amount, an internet-based educators can provide more using their work. So, if you wish to explore among the best online education platforms, you’ll be able to choose one of these simple tools, and you may get outstanding knowledge about it.

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7 Strategies for Training Remote Employees

Training is a valuable part of preparing employees for hiring whatever the employment field. Unlike schools along with other specialized institutions where training happens on the face to face basis, most institutions don’t have such provisions. Additionally to insufficient specialized training infrastructure, 50 plusPercent of enterprises now utilize digital business platforms, which eliminates requirement for dedicated work place. Personnel could be trained remotely, hired remotely and work remotely.

Managing remote employees training could be a very tiresome task, particularly if the right approach tactics aren’t involved. The 7 tips below regarding how to train remote employees cause you to proficient at training remote employees.

1. Utilize interactive video

There’s lots of worker training happening remotely. However, an enormous number of this training fails to get results what’s intended since it focuses only on emailing documents and video links. Using screen capture and discussing tools is among the finest video conference techniques which make a significant difference in the caliber of training delivered.

ezTalks Conferences enables discussing professional HD interactive video for any less that 40-minute worker training with as many as 100 participants at any given time. Features for example recording training or playback, discussing screens and handheld remote control, places the tool in the center of effective remote online training software.

2. Train smart and hirable people

Motivation is an extremely important additive in figuring out how committed you will be. Remote training becomes motivational and may only become a culture when the people trained can keep the skills and jump in. Therefore, it is important to measure the academic and intelligence background from the trainees before enrolling them. They don’t have to become vibrant, but should are interested within the profession you offering practicing. Strong communication skills and skill to operate under no supervisors are general skills that trainees must possess, otherwise you might be putting things off.

3. Allow remote learners to graduate one stage further in their own speed

As lengthy when you are not training employees for purchase, there’s a necessity to provide them time for you to internalize the skills you’re offering. Placing datelines and hurrying all of the trainees with the program like a batch is likely to fail. Differing people learn at different rates, hence some trainees may lag behind. It doesn’t mean they aren’t good. It’s recommendable to allocate couple of days or days with respect to the massiveness of the practicing reflection and clarification on fuzzy challenges before graduating to another training level.

4. Satisfy the trainees personally first

Communication skills and responsible behavior are difficult to pick remotely. You should meet your trainees in both batches or in general team and communicate with them for a few hrs. You may also hand out the very first training face-to-face simply to assess the type of people you’ll be training. Additionally, it’s a good chance to unite they and introductions to possess time throughout the first interactive video meeting.

5. Give homework making follow ups

Training remote employees shouldn’t simply be dependent on instilling job skills, but additionally dependent on creating responsible behavior. Among the proven and tested-to-work methods with regards to assessing degree of responsibility is giving work.

However, make sure to permit the homework to become done in the trainees pace to get a obvious picture of the amount of understanding. Don’t hurry them because this means they are handle the assignments to conquer datelines rather of learning.

6. Provide the trainees the various tools they require within their training

There’s two primary benefits of giving remote employees the various tools they require. They’ll be motivated as well as have standard and right equipment. Motivated employees will treat working out more seriously, and will also provide you with very the best employees you’ll need. Working out equipment ought to be purchased before recruiting they towards the training and commitment mood.

7. Make training a company’s culture

A business is made on values. Aside from the skills you impart inside your employees, you will find values that must definitely be upheld for the prosperity of the organization. These values have to be trained not just once but continuously. Therefore, it’s fundamental to help make the remote employees training a company’s culture and reinforce it through ongoing training.

The above mentioned pointed out remote employees training tips seem simple. They might be also simpler to miss or treat gently. The primary consequence because of not holding them is chance of hiring incompetent workforces. Thus, it’s sensible to get the guidelines to enhance your remote employees‘ skills and company values.

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