ezTalks: The Most Important Online Communication Skills You Must Know

What is Online Communication?

Online communication can be achieved with any digital device, a professional software and an internet connection. The advantages of online communication are numerous and it manages to bring all the participants together, no matter their physical location. Another interesting thing about online communication is the fact that it can be more concise, and it can deliver the message in a more accurate manner. Still, this form of interaction is a bit different than the classical methods, so it requires some additional preparation and skills.

Important Online Communication Skills You Need

1) Prepare the Equipment

Despite classical communication, online communication requires some more preparations, consisting mostly in logistics. For a smooth and successful online interaction, you will need to prepare your device, make sure that your internet speed is constant and get your webcam/microphone ready. You will look unprofessional if the other participants won’t be able to see you well, or if you’re constantly losing signal due to the internet speed. These seem like small details but they can help you make a good impression at the meeting.

2) Look at the Camera

Online communication etiquette tells us to look directly at the camera when we’re attending an online meeting. This information is needed because many people tend to look into the screen, where they can see the other participants. Even though your instinct will make you look at the screen, try not to do it. It’s very unpleasant for the participants when you’re not looking at them and this will express a lack of interest from you. You can only break that rule when you receive some charts or graphic instructions because then you will have to analyze them, by looking at the screen.

3) Choose the Right Online Communication Methods

If you are the person who is initiating the online conversation, then you should choose a suitable online communication software. If you want to have a smooth and fruitful dialogue, then you will need an advanced software, that will provide a wide variety of tools, quick access to all the attendants and a friendly platform. ezTalks Cloud Meeting is one such software and with it, the participants can join the meeting in just a few seconds. After you host the meeting, you just need to send the invitation to them, and they will be able to join it with a single click, directly from their browser. Also, with a professional software like ezTalks Cloud Meeting, you will have access to plenty of tools, ideal for sharing information, delivering clear messages or organizing the assignments. Stop using ineffective methods of online communication, and choose one that will offer everything you need.

4) Have a Neutral Attitude

When you attend an online meeting for the first time, you will have mixed feelings about it. Many people start to become tensed or too comfortable at an online meeting, even if they wouldn’t do it in the physical one. Try to avoid any of these situations and understand that the purpose of your meeting is the same. In order to make a good impression, you need to focus at the discussed topics, maintain your professionalism and try not be overwhelmed, if you don’t understand something. A software like ezTalks Cloud Meeting comes with a Record feature, which will allow you to review the whole meeting if you have any misunderstandings. Also, you should avoid being too sarcastic or too passive aggressive. Since it’s an online meeting, your reactions might be negatively perceived, by the other participants.

5) Sustain Your Affirmations

When it comes to communication skills online, you should make use of all the available tools. If you are attending a professional meeting, then it’s extremely advisable to sustain your sayings with some graphic explanations. Even if you’re showing a chart, a table or a case study, you will look extremely professional and the rest of the team will appreciate your commitment. Also, you will be able to make yourself understood and to deliver the message in a clearer way.


Online communication skills can be mastered very simple, once you have all the necessarily information. Just keep practicing, make use of all the available online communication tools and be confident. By doing this, you will soon learn how to do it naturally, with no additional preparations.

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ezTalks: How to Record Webinars on PC

Why Need to Record Webinars on PC?

• It is quite useful with regard to the simultaneous training of a group of staff.
• Recorded webinars can be used multiple times to make presentations.
• Recorded webinars are useful to individuals who experience difficulty in grasping content in a webinar at once as it allows them to clear any doubts that they might have.
• Recorded webinars are invaluable when utilized as self-paced learning tools, especially for slow learners.
• Webinars, especially free ones, should be recorded because a large percentage of percentage of audiences who register fail to attend it. This means that the recorded webinar link can be sent via email to those who missed, so that they can also view the presentation.
• Webinars should be recorded as it allows attendees to share the knowledge they have acquired with other people.
• Recording webinars are also useful social marketing tools to be used on social network sites.
• Recording webinars, especially for paid seminars, is useful as it can be sent to the audience that missed instead of a cash refund.

How to Record Webinars on PC?

Video conferencing has become a very popular solution for collaboration and ezTalks Cloud Meeting software is at the frontline. This is because it is a platform that is easy to use when communicating with co-workers, customers as well as colleagues. ezTalks Cloud Meeting is a professional webinar recording software and a top video conferencing solution all over the world. It can accommodate up to 500 participants in a webinar. There are many interesting features that define ezTalks Cloud Meeting, and the main ones are as listed below:

• Large Meeting Capacity
ezTalks Cloud Meeting can easily accommodate up to one hundred participants in a webinar for free, and up to five hundred participants with its Pro plan. Furthermore, it supports unlimited cyclical meetings and an unlimited number of meetings.

• Face to Face Collaboration
ezTalks Cloud Meeting clearly imitates the traditional face-to-face communication, but the only difference is that it has moved it online and utilizes crystal-clear audio and ultra-HD video. This fosters sound business relationship as well as maintains collaboration that is both productive and interactive.

• Instant Chat
It provides real time private and group chat. This allows for attendees to send messages in the form of text during a webinar to an individual or even to the group chat room. This helps in the sense that it does not disrupt the meetings.

• Discussions and Sharing
ezTalks Cloud Meeting has a powerful sharing function that is inclusive of interactive whiteboard and screen sharing. Whiteboard and screen sharing allows users to freely share any ideas as well as proposals. It does this while permitting participants to easily co-annotate to enable fast decision making. This promotes collaboration and easy information sharing.

• Recording and Playback
ezTalks Cloud Meeting enables consumers to record an entire webinar that is useful for online learning and staff training. Playback promotes reinforcement of useful information and getting missed information.

• Host Online Meetings
ezTalks Cloud Meeting allows for seamless online meetings from mobiles and desktops. It is compatible with Android-based devices, Windows, iOS and Mac.

The features listed above are just but a few as this webinar recording software has an array of interesting as well as useful features.

3 Steps to Record a webinar on PC

There are usually some unexpected reasons that make people to miss webinars and this is why it is good to record webinars. The following are the steps to follow on how to record a webinar on your PC with ezTalks Cloud Meeting.

Step 1. Download ezTalks Cloud Meeting on your Windows or Mac PC and install it. Run the software. Proceed to enter both email address as well as password in order to sign in to an ezTalks Cloud Meeting account.

Note: Click the Downloas button to download the windows version. For Mac version downloading, you can click Download Center.

how to record a webinar on pc

Step 2. Click Start Meeting, as this allows you to navigate through the interface of a virtual webinar room. Note that the area on the bottom left corner that is circled acts as a control for all settings that record live webinar.

how to record a webinar on a pc

Step 3. Then, invite customers and colleagues to attend the meeting. Click on the red circle dot in order to begin recording a webinar. If you want to pause the recording, simply click on Pause and Resume to proceed with the recording of the online meeting. In case you wish to stop recording of the webinar, simply click on Stop. Click on the red circled dot once more if you want to start another recording.

record a webinar on pc

The recorded webinar is normally saved automatically to D:\Program Files (x86)\ezTalks\ezTalksDesktop\Record and this applies to both audio and video recordings. However, this file can be changed if desired.

how to record webinars on pc


The above three steps indicate how simple it is to record a webinar on PC with ezTalks Cloud Meeting. Now that you know how to record a webinar on your PC, try using this amazing software today.

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ezTalks: Professional Online Meeting Solutions That You Need to Know

1. ezTalks

The best online meeting tool that you can ever find is ezTalks. Its ever-growing list of satisfied customers clearly reflects the amazing services and features it offers. Hosting online meetings could never be as seamless and as easy as ezTalks has made it. Its free version itself has a list of amazing features to offer, including the freedom to add up to 100 members, HD video, HD audio, unlimited number of meeting, recording and playback, desktop and application sharing, private and group chat, and a lot more. You also have two other paid plans and their list of helpful features to choose from. ezTalks offers huddle room, medium meeting room, large meeting room and more to make sure your online meeting is as effective, and as hassle-free, as is possible.

2. Cisco WebEx

WebEx is quite a commonly used and popular meeting solution in the market. It has an impressive customer portfolio, and they have quite an easy to use online meeting service. You just need to install WebEx plugin on your desktop and then join or host meetings, and just with a few clicks, you will be ready to work with your team, pass around the „presenter“ role when needed, share screens, or even chat with your teammates face-to-face. WebEx also integrates with apps right on your desktop, so you can plan an appointment, add a meeting, email your attendees about the meeting, start a meeting, or even join online meeting from your tablet and mobile. WebEx has quite a few plans for large and small businesses and individuals offering various features to match your requirements. But one thing you need to remember is that these features will not come at a very cheap rate.

3. GoToMeeting

GoToMeeting is another online meeting solution used by enterprises and individuals to collaborate on documents, host online meetings, and also share desktops with teammates. This service offers a lot of enterprise features like HD video conferencing, desktop sharing, and also mobile apps using which you can attend meetings on your android or iOS device. You can install GoToMeeting on your PC or MAC to start meetings just with one click, or you may even plan your meetings meticulously and share the information only with those you wish to invite. Your attendees will have to install a plug-in to join your meeting, which is just a onetime affair. After that, they can join the meeting just by a single click.

4. Join.me

Also known as a remote support and control tool, Join.me is a well-known online meeting solution as well. Using this service you can add up to 250 members into the same room, chat, share your screen, and send files to your team members. Just like the other tools here, you can use this one from your Android and iOS device as well, and thus enjoy meetings on the go. If you want more than what the free version offers you can opt for the Pro plan. This allows you to make another attendee the host so that they may share their screen, and you can also lock and pre-schedule meetings, and enjoy a lot more.

5. TeamViewer

Though TeamViewer is more popularly known as a hassle-free and fast way to troubleshoot remote computers, it also is an amazing online meeting solution using which you can get your teammates together, chat, work together, and share screen. TeamViewer allows you to plan your meeting in advance and send email to your attendees stating when they need to join, or you may even host instant meetings. During the meetings you can share your screen or even select someone else as the „host“ so that they can share their screen. Streaming videos through the webcam is also possible which gives the team members a chance to see each other while talking. TeamViewer has its mobile app too which makes it possible for you to attend meetings from your Android or iOS device.

Online meeting certainly is a very good way to save money, time, and yet enjoy complete productivity. To make such meetings effective you need one of the best online meeting solutions, and now that you are aware of 5 popular online meeting tools and their features, selecting the best for you shall surely be a lot easier.

From: https://www.eztalks.com/video-meeting/5-professional-online-meeting-solutions.html

ezTalks: List of Online Learning Platforms of 2017

1. Teachable

The best thing about Teachable is the fact that there are around 20000 active courses which are taken by around 3 million students. So, there is no doubt that this particular platform is indeed a great online learning platform. In this platform one can host course and at the same time control the branding, pricing and student data. It is both a free and paid platform.


2. ezTalks Cloud Meeting

With options like availability of both group and private chat, advantages that come with using co-annotation and whiteboard, hosting a conference/webinar up to 100 students for free, screen sharing and also recording and playback options, it is no surprise that ezTalks Cloud Meeting is a favorite online learning platform for many.


3. Articulate Storyline 360

The best thing about this learning platform is that a student can interact with the course via dragging, swiping, zooming and pinching the screen of the smartphone while the e-learning process is taking place. This enables the student to learn better and faster and on-the-go, making it a user-friendly platform as well.

articulate storyline 360

4. Skillshare

In this platform, the instructors will be given tools to create courses (including video lessons and class project). The classes are pre-recorded and self-paced 10 to 25 minutes long videos, so the students can get all the information needed in just a few minutes. Usually, $1-2 as enrollment fee needs to be paid; but once enrolled they can enjoy the advantage that comes with 25 learners in the class, earning money via royalty pool and “Skillshare’s Partner Program”.


5. Academy of Mine

This one is one of the best online learning programs and platforms for sure. The students are provided with the option to choose between 2 modules which are different from one another. These two modules are the online academy and a virtual classroom. Teachers enjoy the drag and drop templates provided which saves them time.

academy of mine

6. ProClass

This particular software is known for offering online registration for classes. It is said that this one was created for different kinds of learning and training institutes, but it is now used by different businesses and non-profit organizations as well. The students can make deposits, pay the balance and also update their personal information in this platform only.


7. General Assembly

Even though General Assembly is New-York based, it campuses in many different cities all around the world focusing on education in technology, design and business. The best thing about this platform is that with online-only selection there is also the option of in-person classes and mixed courses which enable the students to choose as per their requirements and/or learning capacity. The students can learn with the help of watching live streams of popular lectures and also real-time interaction with the lecturer and also other students.

general assembly

8. Udemy

Undoubtedly a game-changer in the field of digital learning platform, Udemy can offer around 800 new courses each month. The best thing about this one is that the courses are available at different price range. So, if you just need to brush up on a certain subject or just learn the basics, then go for a $10 course of the particular subject. But, if you are looking something precise or advance then you can go for the $100 course of the same subject in question.


9. Click4Course

This one is considered as the best online learning platform by many of its users. The platform offers a 30-day free trial option where there will be no need to provide credit card information which is a great thing. A user can enjoy this platform to the maximum with a monthly fee of $65 (in case the payment is made annually) along with a 10% processing fee for each course sold.


10. WizIQ

A free plan with a free trial, and also an $83 per month; both of these options provided by the platform makes it a great place to learn and teach. It has provided the virtual classroom and also the online academy options which allow the student to choose as per their preference. If someone wants to sell files and provide lectures in video format, then they should go for the online academy option.


There you have it, 10 of the top online learning platforms that can help you out whether you can to teach or learn online. All of them comes with their unique and advantageous features. So, choose the one which suits your need the most to get the best end result quickly and accurately.

From: https://www.eztalks.com/elearning/best-online-learning-platforms.html

ezTalks – What is Telemedicine

ezTalks – What is Telemedicine

Telemedicine means supplying clinical healthcare more than a lengthy distance by medical interactive video as opposed to the traditional phone or radio. It’s endless advantages and also the most apparent of is getting away the chance of catching infections. At times, some illnesses spread as an epidemic and also the doctors are in a danger of catching exactly the same disease. But thankfully, telemedicine would be to solve such tough problem.video conference

what’s telemedicine

Then we have to find efficient interactive video software which makes telemedicine a real possibility first. ezTalks is simply a well-received one which has dawned here a brand new age once the future has joined the current by enabling doctors and patients to freely and seamlessly speak with one another in HD.

Obviously, medical interactive video isn’t restricted to doctors only, however a huge a part of aging and chronically ill. It enables the individual to stay in constant touch using the physician since doctors can invariably track patient’s progress via medical interactive video systems. As everyone knows, the lack of nurses and insufficient remote medical services is a very common social issue leading to very high cost keeping a nurse and disruption of receiving nursing services, that is a huge burden to many patients. Hence, using the creation of telemedicine era, the people are more than pleased to understand that they’ll be nursed using a interactive video session everyday while remaining from the hospitals.best video chat apps

In addition to this, telemedicine continues to be further associated with highly specialized branches like telepharmacy, telerehabilitation and remote surgeries. Telemedicine technology (i.e. ezTalks interactive video software) allows the patients to speak with their pharmacist without driving lengthy distances. Give it a concept how easy it might have for your grandma and grandpa once they might get a refill authorization for his or her prescription medications more than a small video chat session.gotomeeting alternative

In a nutshell, telemedicine is aimed at helping people who reside in remote areas and have limited use of clinics and hospitals get treated by professional doctors. The days are gone whenever you had to choose a bloodstream pressure check-up. Devices happen to be invented through which you’ll easily measure your bloodstream pressure and send the outcomes for your specialist.

Note: Apart from telemedicine, the writer believes the day is not far when robots could be sent by health organizations to the homes to do operations. As well as for now, we are able to depend completely on ezTalks (fully suitable for Home windows/Mac/Android/iOS devices) for medical interactive video solutions.how to make a conference call on iphone

On-Premise vs. Cloud Video Conferencing,which is better?

On-Premise vs. Cloud Video Conferencing,which is better?

Talking about interactive video, people consider traditional, on-premise and cloud interactive video. Consequently, there’re numerous things to consider when picking a choice for interactive video arrangement. Do not feel difficult! I’m to list out 3 straightforward queries that might help think destined for achievement.

Part 1: What’s On-Premise/Cloud Interactive Video?

◆ On-Premise Interactive Video

It empowers you complete control of your gear within the system guaranteeing a completely adaptable interactive video arrangement according to your living space space, group or clients, that is precisely needed for the groups and partners. Furthermore, you are able to call your personal firewalls and settle by yourself alternatives on redesigns & updates, fixes and maintenance.screen share software

◆ Cloud Interactive Video

It’s offered on the membership premise without any extra framework expenses to spend for, which provides you ease and ease. And also the framework has become quickly available in server farms that you should rapidly utilize. Additionally, the innovation is supervised and stored up by individuals dedicated to the administration, so that your groups will keep chipping away at the things they stand out at.

Part 2: Options that come with On-Premise/Cloud Interactive Video

Outfitted with various interactive video system, on-premise and cloud interactive video have features.

① On-Premise interactive video is featured in gathering empowered meeting space for multiparty participation within the same room. It allows you:

– To cope with your personal feature conferencing on location.

– To make use of your personal IT asset to handle the arrangement.

– Keep information inside.

– To primarily utilize your on-premises answer for interior gatherings.

– Your on-premises framework to become ordinarily employed by exactly the same individuals, typically administration level and also the those who understand how to put it to use.zoom alternative

② Cloud interactive video only charges exactly what you need, so it’s well suited for a developing business. In addition, additionally, it has following features:

– The accommodation of having to pay on the membership premise. Pay while you develop.

– Interoperability with various endpoints furthermore other programming feature stages.

– To refrain from having to pay for that IT foundation vital that you bolster feature conferencing.

– To lead a minimal budget however require the advantages got from feature conferencing.

– To share feature lower towards the desktop and telecommuter level even going to supplant your invest in video chatting.

– To make use of workers own portable/keen gadgets, referred to as give Your Personal Device.

– To make use of feature like a major facet of a company handle and not just for gatherings.gotomeeting alternative

Part 3: Benefits of On-Premise/Cloud Interactive Video


To summarize, on-premise plans talk to the traditional way to cope with featured conferencing which require the organization to buy and run both framework and also the finish-client hardware or endpoints. Cloud interactive video is whereby the supplier runs the framework hardware in the server farm and expenses the customer for that administration.

There isn’t any absolute way which is much better but which is much more appropriate. For your information, ezTalks customizes featured conferencing and joint plans that offer seem association between workplace and telecommuters or individuals on the run.best android video chat

The reasons why Using On-Premise Video Conferencing

The reasons why Using On-Premise Video Conferencing

The important thing to achieve any company is to maintain rise in technology and incorporate it together with your work. For instance, cell phone makes it feasible for workers who’re on the go to simply connect with their in-office counterparts. Now here comes another type of technology causing ripples in the industry world: on-premise interactive video.

eztalks on-premise interactive video

Using the growing quantity of boundaryless workers, increasingly more companies or folks are rapidly realizing the recording conferencing has a whole bag-load of advantages and looking for professional on-premise interactive video services. Consequently, the world’s leading interactive video company ezTalks works twenty-four hours a day to guarantee the interactive video services are supplied in the best and efficient manner. Here are the advantages that accrue from using ezTalks on-premise interactive video solutions.skype alternatives

◆ Infrastructure Possession

On-premise interactive video enables the organization/business under consideration to really own the infrastructure and equipments connected using the video-conferencing. Which means that it is really an asset from the organization which possession cancels the relatively high installation costs connected with video-conferencing.

◆ Security

On-premise interactive video implies that the infrastructure and equipments accustomed to offer the interactive video fit in with the organization instead of outdoors firms. Namely, it’s the organization that controls its very own solutions. Then meeting tracks will not be uncovered to risks for example interception, distortion and leak of sensitive information and data.alternatives to google

Tips: Actually, the relatively high security connected with on-premise interactive video has turned into a major feature for famous interactive video providers for example ezTalks.

◆ Limitless Chances for Personalization

Companies for example ezTalks now provide numerous choices for clients to personalize their on-premise interactive video solutions in compliance using their needs and preferences. ezTalks for instance, makes it feasible for clients for hosting conferences using their android and ios devices instead of computer only. This, along with additional features for example numerous meeting rooms along with the capability to host figures well over 9000 participants in a single meeting impacts positively around the versatility and longevity of these on-premise interactive video solutions.google hangouts alternative

However when is on-premise interactive video highly suggested? Generally, the perfect situations include but aren’t restricted to-

1. Whenever a firm features its own IT department that is capable of doing supplying the required support and expertise required to effectively and easily run the answer.

2. Whenever a firm regularly handles sensitive information and data that can lead to huge loss otherwise managed well.

3. When the organization has got the financial strength and capacity that enables for that installation and subsequent control over the on-premise interactive video systems.join me alternative

Video conferencing into a “smart city” infrastructure

Recently, the country a total of more than 90 cities (districts, towns) through the audit, as the first national wisdom city pilot. “Smart city” concept of the proposed and implemented, greatly promoted the development of urban high-speed network channel. With the start of the first batch of national wisdom city pilot work, in 2013, the “smart city” as the focus of the technology and industry feast officially opened, things, large data, cloud computing and other new generation of information technology to become a smart city Construction of the crucial direction.Highfive

Smart city is a new generation of information technology support, knowledge society next generation of innovative environment under the urban form. The intelligent city is based on the new generation of information technology such as Internet of Things, cloud computing and the application of tools and methods such as wiki, social network, Fab Lab, Living Lab, and integrated integration method to create a culture that is conducive to innovation and realize a thorough and thorough perception. Universal interconnection, intelligent convergence applications, and sustainable innovation characterized by user innovation, open innovation, public innovation, collaborative innovation.Lifesize

In the wisdom of the city, telecommuting, distance education and telemedicine are the most basic functions, and these functions need to rely on video conferencing. In the video conference on the basis of the platform, combined with cloud computing technology, derived from a variety of industry solutions to meet the different needs of different industries. As a well-known brand in the domestic cloud conference market, ezTalks provides a good solution for mobile office, remote training and medical care. In the 100% coverage of the Internet in the wisdom of the city, the user can through a smart phone or tablet computer anytime, anywhere business office, to participate in training, remote diagnosis and so on; a variety of security monitoring can also be achieved through ezTalks; also through ezTalks and distribution In the home of friends and friends, lip syncup 1080P HD video interaction.Mikogo

To some extent, video conferencing is a “smart city” of an infrastructure, is an indispensable communication tool. Through video conferencing, communication between people will be more convenient and safe, people’s way of life is bound to be more intelligent, simplistic. With the continuous maturity of video conferencing technology, you can reduce the burden of work to a greater extent, so that work becomes more relaxed and quick, people from the heavy work, life pressure in the liberation, which is consistent with the wisdom of the city’s construction concept telecommunication

Top 5 Collaborative Whiteboard Apps

The demand for collaborative whiteboard apps online has been on a great rise in the market. These apps let you sketch out unshaped ideas by drafting and drawing, and share with team members located in different geographic places. In the following part, we’ll introduce you top 5 collaborative whiteboard apps.

1. Explain Everything

Explain everything is a simple-to-use collaborative whiteboard app which allows you animate, annotate and narrate presentations and explanations. You can make powerful interactive lessons, assessments, activities and tutorials availing this app’s integrated and flexible design. You can also insert a web browser for basic recordings and live annotations.

This whiteboard collaboration app records on annotation, screen drawing, captures audio through the iPad microphone and object movement. Explain Everything is made for use in business, educational and entertainment settings. It is presently being utilized by a large number of teachers and students in more than sixty countries.

collaborative whiteboard app

2. ezTalks Cloud Meeting

ezTalks Cloud Meeting is one of the most popular whiteboard collaboration apps. It has all the tools you will require for whiteboarding collaboration. It is greatly interactive which everyone participant fully. The whiteboard is designed to let you demonstrate your thoughts with remote team members by simply drawing, drafting and highlighting. Any participant can see your shared whiteboard and make annotations. This app assist you to get up to 100 participants to start online collaboration for whiteboarding with free of charge. Therefore, it is perfect for company events that related to online collaboration.

collaborative whiteboard apps

3. RealtimeBoard

RealtimeBoard is the best whiteboard collaboration app found in the market. You can avail this without any charge with some features or you could improve to the services for higher optimal experience. It is available with additional collaborative features which surpass most of the challenges experienced by normal whiteboards.

With this, you receive the chance to use the templates, while designing the presentation. These templates arrive in various sizes, shapes and colors. These templates are beneficial in presentations because they create them neat and organized and also interactive, therefore motivating everyone’s participation. All the work performed on the board can just be saved like images, PDFs and could be downloaded.

top collaborative whiteboard app

4. AWW app

AWW app is available with two options. You can use the free services which possess limited operations or pay to get the board fully. This collaborative whiteboard app is highly intuitive and easy to avail whiteboard. Prior you begin utilizing the board, you will need to log in to the account. This is the important feature which has assisted to privatize the work performed on the board.

You can call more participants who can participate through their personal computers or smartphones because it has the capability of these two. The whiteboard possesses dotted grids that create drawing and underlining highly precise and the undo choice enables to remove mistakes easily.

whiteboard collaboration app

5. Whiteboard Fox

Whiteboard Fox creates online utilization of whiteboard look easy. You need no setup to begin using this collaborative whiteboard app. When you open the board, you can see a link produced through which you can call other participants to join you. This app features a blank canvas broken with a network that creates drawing and writing more accuratly. The real time feature is very effective because all your participants can view alterations on the board immediately they happen. The full board has been created mainly with normally used features which include an erasing, undo button, drawing and navigating. You can avail copy all to receive the details on the board.

whiteboard collaboration apps


The demand for collaborative whiteboards app online has been on a great rise in the previous few years. With this, a manager and the team members can communicate with each other in real time. It does not matter about the different places and time zones.

Now you understand about the different kinds of collaborative whiteboard app in the market. Read the review above carefully and choose the best one for your purpose. Every business be worthy of an easy and professional collaborative whiteboard.


5 Webinar Providers to Reach Your Audiences Easily

Technological advancement has truly turned the world into a global village and revolutionized the nature of many spheres of human existence from education to business. One of the key tools that has facilitated communication between people separated by geography and culture is webinar. Within a few minutes, you have the power to host a webinar to reach your audience easily.

A webinar refers to a web-based seminar. Whether you’re running a business, running a blog or teaching, webinars can help you diversify and expand your audience from the comfort of your home. It allows participants to interact in real-time with multiple people from all over the globe. After researching, evaluating and meticulously going through webinar provider reviews, we will recommend to you 5 webinar providers to enable you to host webinars effortlessly.

1. ezTalks

ezTalks is a cloud based webinar provider which has developed ezTalks Cloud Meeting to allow you to interact with audiences through high-definition audio and video. Up to a 100 people can join a webinar hosted through ezTalks Cloud Meeting for free. Moreover, it allows you to make seminars and lecture more enjoyable and creative through its interactive whiteboard feature and share screens to all participants.

It is compatible with Windows, Mac, iOS and Android computer and devices without the need for any additional hardware. Moreover, you can schedule webinars and inform participants about it using their software. It also collects the email address of participants which enables you to ask follow up questions or interact directly with prospective clients. The ability to record and playback your webinar further helps you evaluate the effectiveness of your webinar. You also have the ability to share multi-media files such as presentations, images, documents and more. ezTalks also offers top-notch security and privacy through encryption and strict policy control.

webinar providers

2. Cisco

Cisco offers an entire family of software for webinars. If you value state-of-the-art features and are not afraid of spending generously to have them, Cisco is your ideal choice. Cisco’s webinar platform allows you to generate customized or template invites to webinars with a capacity of up to 3000 people. You can choose between a one-way broadcast or multi-way interaction. Additionally, you can send automatic reminders and follow-ups to prospective business leads.

webinar provider

3. Skype

Skype is one of the most popular webinar provider in the world. You can choose a specific list of attendees for your webinar through Skype. You can also use it with Microsoft Pulse to keep the audience engaged and evaluate their responsiveness in real-time through polls. You can also upload PowerPoint presentations or display live camera feeds. You can even choose different feeds for audio and visual content. Besides files, Skype also allows sharing of contacts and screens. Lastly, Skype provides you the ability to record your webinar in a downloadable mp4 format.

providers of webinar

4. Google Hangouts

Google is the pioneer in web-based applications and does not fail to live up its standards with its webinar platform, Hangouts. It has been integrated into Google chat, Google+ profiles and Gmail. With Google’s ownership of YouTube, Hangouts allows you to directly stream live to your YouTube channel or a web page. You can also choose to publish the recording of your “hangout” later on YouTube automatically. Like most other Google projects it is also free. However, it supports only up to 10 people. Furthermore, it does not allow you to charge your audience for attending or to sell within a hangout.

providers of webinar

5. Adobe Connect

Adobe takes its reputation with graphics to another level with Adobe Connect. This provider of webinar allows you to put up dazzling webinars and seminars. There is a wide range of multimedia options at the disposal of the user. Not only does it manage registrations effectively, but also provides a powerful set of analytical and tracking tools for you to follow your progress. The quality of video and audio can only be provided by Adobe. It also has a great scope for collaboration and compatibility with various devices.

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All in all, webinars can prove to be a very powerful tool for various activities. It can help you boost your business, reduce costs and inconvenience without physically meeting someone. We hope you will find our recommendations on webinar providers useful when it is time for you to choose one for yourself.