CeBIT Australia: ezTalks Will Contribute More to Australian Video Conference Market

May 27th, 2017-The largest and longest running business technology event in Asia Pacific, CeBIT Australia, ended successfully on May 25th. Under the theme of “Shaping the Business Technology Landscape”, the exhibition has fully displayed innovations and achievements that shaping the future of the business technology landscape and enticed leading minds into insights of digital business technologies. ezTalks Technology Co., Ltd., a global video conferencing solution provider, revealed its competitive technologies and showcased how video conferencing solutions helped to make business collaboration and communication intelligent, smart and secure.

Thousands of visitors from various industries were welcomed to ezTalks booth during the three days. Australian unified communication and collaboration market is emerging and to be established, collaborative solutions are on great demand.

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Digital Health will emerge with high demand

As one of the hot topics in CeBIT Australia, digital health is a distinguished realm that demands video conferencing solutions. It is estimated that health gaps including long length of appointment, long travel time and high cost have been the ongoing obstacles when visiting a hospital, so that introducing video conferencing solution, a two-way interactive way to connect patients and doctors, will highly improve efficiency and save cost. ezTalks possesses the frontier technology and solution that is perfectly suitable for telehealth in the aspect of care support, health consultancy and health education, which means a promising market for ezTalks in Australia.

E-learning is popular in education sector

According to Ken Research report, Australian education industry will record revenues of USD 115.0 billion by 2020 owing to the government support to the industry, developing e-learning platforms, emerging business models, venture capital investment in education sector. As technology innovates and creates, e-learning will be more and more popular because it’s time-saving, convenient and cost-effective. “We are looking for the online education solution which could offer most of the functions like in the real classroom, such as screen sharing, file sharing, annotation and group discussion, and ezTalks seems to be the right one. ” a professor from Melbourne University told. ezTalks Cloud solution will perfectly meet the demands to make learning easier, affordable and flexible, which has been applied to education sectors in various cases.

“Apart from that, in Australian market other sectors such as enterprise, government, community and finance also in need of video conferencing technology which will transform the way employees connect and work to be done” said Jack, director of ezTalks Technology Co., Ltd. “ezTalks has made a good start in Australia at CeBIT Australia and will do more to interpret the value of video conferencingin this market”.


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Cloud Expo Asia Hong Kong: ezTalks‘ Another Milestone Towards Global Video Conference Market

27 May, 2017 – The two-day Cloud Expo Asia Hong Kong drew to a splendid close on 25th May. Being the largest cloud and digital event in North Asia, Cloud Expo Asia Hong Kong furnishes visitors and exhibitors with latest insights and conversations about a digital transformation journey. ezTalks Technology Co., Ltd., a world leading online video conference service provider, has demonstrated the value of video conferencing technology to drive business collaboration and online communication forward for a better workplace at the exhibition.


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The show has gatheredover 5,000 technology influencers and 150 leading international exhibitors to touch and explore the cloud technology that helps to transform and shape business. ezTalks has showcased its capability, strength and compatibility to all the audience and start to make it know to Asia-Pacific market.


ezTalks Cloud, a video conferencing software solution which is streamlined and built to enhance the way people communicate with easy-to-use interface, full-featured functions and affordable price, has caused great sensation. The free service plan of ezTalks Cloud enables up to 100 attendees to join a full-featured online meeting at the same time without any cost. “The launch of this freemium 100 participants plan is the productive result of market.” Said Jack, director of ezTalks, “The general free trial plan has only limited functions or participants allowed in a meeting, which also limits the decision as well as trial experience of users. ezTalks has broken the limitation to provide users with enough opportunities to try and feedback.” ezTalks Cloud makes it the first SaaS service provider who enables 100 attendees online at the same time freely, and ezTalks solutions also cover on-premise solutions and meeting room solutions at a unparalleled cost-effective price and won appreciation from industry experts as well as enterprise visitors at Cloud Expo Asia Hong Kong.


Cloud Expo Asia Hong Kong is co-located with CeBIT Australia 2017 and Wireless Japan Expo comm from 23rd to 26th May, which are the three steps toward ezTalks global strategy. Till now, ezTalks has marked its footprints in UK, Germany, Russia, Indonesia, India, Korea, Australia and Japan. “We are still on the way to America and Columbia to extend our market in America and Latin America” said Jack again “It is a long way to go globally but we will achieve it”.



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About Cloud Expo Asia

Cloud Expo Asia is North Asia’s biggest, best attended cloud and digital event which helps to touch and explore the latest disruptive business technologies for a digital transformation journey.

ezTalks: 7 Skype for Business Alternatives to Suite Different Needs

Skype for Business provides communication services on many platforms, not just the desktop. It integrates basic chat services, HD video, and phone call capability for both incoming and outgoing calls in a familiar Skype wrapper. The desktop software creates virtual conferencing places where the team comes together across a variety of platforms and software.

Of course, it is linked to Microsoft’s Office tools as well, such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Outlook for calendaring. Outlook calendars are the key ingredient, allowing users to set their current status and availability, so meetings can be coordinated properly across time zones. PowerPoint slides can be presented online, too. Document sharing for financial spreadsheets, legal documents and contracts, etc. is also easily facilitated by the software. The instant messaging and collaborative whiteboard options create options for brainstorming, problem solving and discussion, as well as collaborative editing through the Office suite.

skype for business alternative

Why Does Skype for Business Fall Short?

Skype for Business has issues that will force many small businesses to reconsider its use within their organization, especially if you’re relying on teams in two of the biggest markets in the world. In China, clients are expected to install a modified version which monitors all text messages and voice calls, even from outside China. So sharing sensitive topics, IP security, and technical documentation with local clients in China represents a real threat to companies who may find their important communications ending up in competitors‘ hands. In India, it’s no longer possible to originate Skype calls to landlines or mobile so contacting people via Skype for online meetings is difficult unless everyone is using their data connections.

For technical issues, users also report logging-in glitches, sharing screen failures, non-message delivery, slow attachment upload, slow software start-up times, resource-hogging on the host computer, to name but a few. For small companies who don’t have an IT team on-call the software presents real challenges, even on the Mac desktop.

7 Skype for Business Alternatives

So what’s a busy executive to do? Well, this article will introduce seven alternatives to Skype for Business: Google Hangouts, ezTalks Cloud Meeting, Facebook Messenger, Apple’s FaceTime,, TrueConf and Is any of them a suitable Skype Business alternative? Read on.

1. Google Hangouts

For everyone who uses Gmail, Google Hangouts resides in the bottom left of the main screen. For iOS and Android phone users, there are apps available in the relevant app store that can be installed. There is also a web page service that connects to the browser for cross-platform connections. Non-Chrome browsers will need an extension. On handsets, Google Duo replaces the Hangouts apps. Hangouts provides three ways for connecting with people: chat messaging, phone calls, and Goolge video conferencing callwith up to 10 users. Chat messaging and video conferencing call can be set up for multiple recipients.

Hangouts limits interaction via phone networks, so there is no way to have a group call over a phone network, nor can a phone caller participate in meetings. This is a real problem if you are trying to host an online meeting where internet connectivity is poor, but the telephone network is solid. Additionally, there are no real capabilities to schedule, manage or record online meetings. All in all, if you’re looking for a Skype for Business alternative client, keep reading.

skype for business alternatives

2. ezTalks Cloud Meeting

The second option that we look at is ezTalks Cloud Meeting which is video conferencing software which allows users to host or join any online meeting. The portability of the software means that users can create a meeting on a mobile device wherever they are. Simplified login from the Facebook or Google account means that user never have to worry about forgetting that password.

Users are served with professional grade features for scheduling online meetings and sending reminders even across time zones. ezTalks Cloud Meeting provides users with a wide range of meeting management tools that: manage speakers and invitees; share desktops and documents, make online presentations, make annotations, and use interactive online whiteboards and allow participants to record and review proceedings.

Chat, HD video and phone calls are integrated across all major platforms. The meeting host and participants have access to granular controls for video with pinch to zoom, screen rotation, and private chat inside/outside the main meeting room.

ezTalks Cloud Meeting also provides the most generous free plan for up to 100 people with unlimited meetings. ezTalks Cloud Meeting is available on all major platforms and via browser. The communication is encrypted as well for high-grade security. But for the fast growing company, it’s the only alternative to Skype for Business that allows for massive meetings on its paid plans. The Pro Package allows for 500 participants, and the Entreprise Package can scale right up to 10,000 in-meeting participants.

alternatives to skype for business

3. Facebook Messenger

Messenger is slowly evolving into something that is a part of the Facebook family of apps, but with its own distinct identity. As a way to reach friends and family, it is an effective platform wherever they are online. Recent additions have boosted its capabilities, including HD video, call out to landlines, and group call. In Japan, Facebook even functions as a business tool among business people.

But there are a number of obstacles to using Messenger for business meetings. First, not everyone likes to mix the personal with business, business people may not be willing to share their personal Facebook details with employees, contractors or customers. Security is also an issue: shared documents that are confidential could be delivered outside the closed network through deliberate or accidental means. It’s also not possible to schedule meetings, share whiteboards, or record proceedings. In all, it’s just not a practical Skype Business alternative.

alternative to skype for business

4. is part of the LogMeIn family of team collaboration software. It is a meeting and online collaboration system that uses the freemium model for providing services. The base service is its desktop app, which connects to mobile apps for the most popular mobile services. Ideal for webinars, screen sharing tools make it possible, but annotation, passing, recording and sharing webinars are all part of the premium plans.

Simplicity is its focus: ease of meeting set-up, invitations and notifications helps speed users along. No complex software installation is needed, either. Free plans are limited to 10 attendees, 5 video streams, screen sharing and internet-based calling. The Pro plan raises this to 50 attendees with 10 streams, but it adds audio conferencing, meeting management tools and a productive feature set. There is now a third-tier, which enhances the available tools with 250 attendees.

For getting started, is one of the easiest tools, but a fast-growing company will easily outgrow its service. Additionally, reports of crashes and problems with the audio setup, operation and administration of accounts all hinder its adoption as a great Skype alternative for business everywhere.

skype business alternative

5. Apple FaceTime for iOS/Mac

Apple’s own entry to online video conferencing is called FaceTime. It’s a high quality experience for the world of iOS or Mac. FaceTime offers an easy way to connect with users for HD video or audio-only calls on both Wi-Fi networks and mobile networks. The calls are encrypted for security end-to-end and quality is high for both audio and video calls. FaceTime is also available on the Mac, iPhone, and iPad.

However, its crucial limitation is that you cannot connect with the hundreds of millions of non-iOS users out there. There is no way to make either a video or audio-only call to any Windows, Linux or Android user via the FaceTime platform. Currently, FaceTime also doesn’t offer a group video chat feature either. So hosting any kind of team meeting is impossible. Meeting scheduling, recording, whiteboards, screen sharing, etc. are all currently impossible, too. FaceTime is just not a powerful Skype Business alternative for video conferencing tool for the professional user.

skype for business alternative client

6. TrueConf

TrueConf is another desktop-based video conferencing solution that aims to bring the desktop together with the cloud and mobile world for video conferences rooms, and workplaces. TrueConf provides an array of co-working tools to chat, record, present, and share the meeting space right on the desktop or laptop. Not only does it work cross-platform, it also integrates tightly with their server software and conference terminal. Flexible in its choice of layouts, and video resolution up to 4K, TrueConf requires a download to get started. It is simple to set up and use. Login is available via a number of social networks as well as direct login.

A few niggles have been exposed in its operations, including the limit to one device per login user which means that you cannot listen simultaneously on your computer and on a mobile device because one login is permitted only. Users should also note that the free plan is truly hobbled: only video conferencing calls up to 3 users is supported. The power comes in the TrueConf Server edition with conferencing up to only 250 members suggesting that it is a contender as a serious alternative to Skype for Business.

skype alternative for business

7. offers a simple way to create an web video conference right on the browser window. Then, the host welcomes guests via the room code. Meetings can be held on the fly without creating a permanent room, or claimed by the meeting host. All chat is currently using the peer-to-peer model. Shared screens are added via a browser extension for popular browsers. No downloads are necessary for the browser-based apps to work because supports WebRTC. The freemium model also applies here, with 8 concurrent video chats for the trial version, and 12 for the premium model.

There are limitations: no phone call capability; because of peer-to-peer connections, users will need fast network connectivity and a powerful computer for processing so much video, and Mac users have to install a separate desktop browser, because Safari is not supported. Otherwise supports Chrome, Firefox and Opera on all platforms, with iOS via an app. premium is still in beta-stage, so features required by business users are still in development. If business users require stable services, then perhaps should not be in your list of alternatives to Skype for Business any time soon.

alternative for skype for business

So What Tool Is a Real Skype for Business Alternative?

The market space for online video conferencing for business professionals and entrepreneurs is exciting with a lot of options coming to the table, the less professional, everyday solutions quickly show their limitations for commercial usage. FaceTime, Messenger and Hangouts suffer from serious limitations on their technology that make even the free price unpalatable.

Professional Skype for Business alternatives are attractive and provide some degree of professional grade functionality. Only ezTalks Cloud Meeting covers the ground between the startup, fast growing company and small or medium enterprise.

This ability to interact virtually saves every enterprise the travel expenses and human costs by replacing tedious business travel with online video conferences. So, if you need to be in two places at the same time, you should choose ezTalks Cloud Meeting for your Skype for Business alternative client.

Cloud Expo Asia Hong Kong 2017: ezTalks Video Conferencing Technology Wins Appreciation

May 24, 2017 ezTalks Technology Co., Ltd., the global leading video conferencing solution provider, is presenting its best of breed technologies at H50 on 24-25 Mayat Cloud Expo Asia Hong Kong, the North Asia’s biggest, best attended cloud and digital event which helps to touch and explore the latest disruptive business technologies for a digital transformation journey.


With over 5,000 technology influencers and 150 leading international exhibitors, the first day witnessed a good start with continuous flow of visitors into the exhibition center. The exhibition offers great chance for ezTalks to showcase its all-new innovative solutions, meet old friends and make new contacts.



eztalks videoconferencing at cloud expo asia hong kong ing


Compatible endpoints with full-featured functions

The H.323 endpoint, ezTalks HVPE3000, is the highlight, which enables H.323 endpoints to join video conferences from different terminals fast and economically. HVPE3000 makes H.323 meeting scalable via ezTalks H.264 based meeting solutions to unlimited participants from different terminals cost-effectively without investing multiple expensive endpoints.


Experience ezTalks meetings from any terminals

At the show ezTalks team also set up real-time meetings to demonstrate the vision of an efficient meeting room based on ezTalks complete portfolio of solutions via any terminal and is compatible with a wide range of cameras and speakerphones.


Free trial plan enabling 100 participants

Audience are available of a free plan with up to 100 participants in per conference session. ezTalks Cloud enables people to work seamlessly across desktops and mobile devices with ultimate crystal clear audio and high definition video no matter where they are.


Co-located with Cloud Expo Asia Hong Kong, ezTalks is also showcasing its videoconferencing solutions at CeBIT Australia 2017 and Wireless Japan Expocomm from 23rd to 26th May.

Guests are welcome to drop by Cloud Expo Asia Hong Kong at H50, Halls 1C to 1E to experience the technology and experience ezTalks delivers, as well as souvenirs.

For those who want to meet ezTalks at CeBIT Australia 2017, please visit booth J30 at Darling Harbour Sydney.

For audience who would like to meet ezTalks at Wireless Japan Expocomm, find us at Booth 4-2-2.



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About Cloud Expo Asia

Cloud Expo Asia is North Asia’s biggest, best attended cloud and digital event which helps to touch and explore the latest disruptive business technologies for a digital transformation journey.


Expo Comm Wireless Japan 2017: ezTalks Brings Brand New Video Conferencing Collaboration Experience

May 25, 2017 – At Expo Comm Wireless Japan, ezTalks is showcasing its full suite of videoconferencing innovations based on advanced video and audio technologies to drive digital communication and unlock new opportunities for enterprises.


Co-located with CeBIT Australia 2017 at Sydney and Cloud Expo Asia Hong Kong, Expo Comm Wireless Japan furnishes visitors with industry insights in Japanese market. Under the theme of “Brilliant Video Conferencing”, ezTalks has showcased its latest innovative technologies that drive digital business forward including the software solution, hardware endpoints, room solutions as well as expert consultancy at Tokyo.


eztalks videoconferencing expo comm wireless japan ing


Affordable, secure and flexible, ezTalks Cloud is the highlight in the exhibition which appeals to most of the visitors at ezTalks booth. The newly added features enable up to 100 participants for free in one conference session with full-featured functions, which accelerate the video conferencing industry into a brand new level. “I have compared a lot of suppliers including the big names such as Zoom and Webex, but never been touched by neither of them. The trial plan of these brands are always limited, I cannot figure out whether it suits my demand. The decision making process is long. ezTalks Cloud perfectly resolves this problem with the flexibility and accessibility to try before making decisions.” AsaiRina, an IT Administrator of a local company said. As the first provider to bring up the freemium plan to 100-participant, ezTalks is at the front to innovate and put forward solutions that perfectly meet customer needs.


Apart from that, audience can also get demos of ezTalks meetings via PCs, tablets, desktops and mobiles with a modern collaboration experience that’s integrated with full range of unified communications solutions for greater mobility, flexibility and productivity.


Guests are welcome to drop by Wireless Japan Expocomm to experience the technology and experience ezTalks delivers, as well as souvenirs at Booth 4-2-2.


Audience can also meet ezTalks at Cloud Expo Asia Hong Kong at H50, Halls 1C to 1E

or at CeBIT Australia 2017, booth J30 at Darling Harbour Sydney.



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About Wireless Japan Expocomm

Wireless Japan Expocomm is most specialized event for wireless industry which showcases products like wireless technologies, unified communications, cloud platform and other products and services etc. in the Business Services, Telecom Products & Equipment industries.

UC EXPO 2017: ezTalks Achieves Another Success in Europe

23 May, 2017-The two-day UC EXPO 2017 was perfectly ended on May 18th. Being the largest Unified Communications and Collaboration event in Europe, UC EXPO 2017 has delivered a comprehensive platform for heads of IT and Communication professionals to discover the insights and technologies that enable a truly connected business. ezTalks Technology Company Ltd., a world leading online video conference service provider, has demonstrated how its state of the art technology could create a smarter workplace throughout the two-day event.

As distribution, mobility and flexibility is becoming the key characteristics of smarter working, unified communications turns to be necessary of connected business. Visitors and company representatives from various industries such as government, healthcare, education, military were attracted by the complete portfolio of solutions and services ezTalks displayed.

eztalks uc expo2017end1

The all-in-one video conferencing equipment, ezTalks Onion, designed for huddle rooms which efficiently connects distributed employees and business partners has received the most focus and appreciation from visitors and partners in the two days. “This is the perfect solution for the daily meetings between the brand offices and headquarters. The all-in-one design must be the most distinguished characteristic that users appreciate and are interested in. It really saves time and cost for meetings and let the staffs communicate and collaborate independent of location, network, or device.” Andrew Murdoch, the IT Director of a local company said, “ezTalks is the brand that we would trust and cooperate.“ Besides, ezTalks‘ latest MCU VPM3000 with newly added features which allow up to 300 entries of endpoints in one conference session is also very popular at UC EXPO 2017.

eztalks uc expo2017end2

After CeBIT Germany 2017 in March, UC EXPO 2017 is another milestone that ezTalks has achieved in European market. Since this year, ezTalks has prepared and made its debut in all the global united communication events and exhibitions to implement its global strategy. “Our goal is to deliver superior online collaboration solutions to anyone global business, this is why this year we march on and attend global great events to make it happen.” said Jack Zhang, director of ezTalks Technology Co., Ltd. “UC EXPO is a great platform and we will come again next year with more competitive and powerful products”.

For more information about ezTalks product and service, please contact ezTalks or visit


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About UC EXPO 2017

UC EXPO is the largest Unified Communications and Collaboration event in Europe which encompasses the technologies that enable smarter working and a truly connected business.

About ezTalks Technology Co., Ltd.

ezTalks is a leading online video conferencing provider in the world which enables users to host unlimited HD video conferencing with anyone, anytime. ezTalks provides cloud-based solutions, on-premise solutions and a series of video conference room equipment across desktop, mobile and meeting rooms to transform the way the enterprise communicates, connects employees, and gets work done with video meetings effectively. For years, ezTalks has earned its reputation for their stable and outstanding performance, easy-to-use design and affordable pricing. Today they have more than 30 thousand global loyal company users.

ezTalks: 10 Recommended Group Video Chat Tools You Should Know

The internet has indeed revolutionized the communication sector. Gone are the days when it took hours for messages to be relayed between participants located in different parts of the world. Today, not only are these messages relayed within the least expense of time, effort and money, but there are also mediums that provide for audio-visual appeal, just so the message is not distorted as it passes across.

In this article, we shall discuss one such medium – the video chat tools and narrow down our focus to those tools that enable participants to hold successful group chats. Read on to discover some of the best group video chat tools you will ever find.

1. Viber

We can hardly discuss the best group video chat app without Viber coming to mind. Available in Windows, MAC as well as Linux, Viber enables the participants to chat with other users using any device without any extra cost. Even better, this tool is also available in Android as well as iPhone.

Some of the features it boasts of include high-quality video calling as well as a variety of stickers that participants can send during the chat, just to improve the chatting experience. It supports texts as well as images and video calling and can easily be synchronized with average mobile phones and computers; all you need to do is sign up using your mobile phone number and start experiencing all these.

2. ezTalks Cloud Meeting

And now comes the real deal; the video group chat software that is an amalgamation of all the features you can ever look for in such a tool. To begin with, ezTalks Cloud Meeting, an innovative video conferencing software, has a recording and playback feature that ensures that even as you have your video chat, you do not miss out on those glorious moments and can instead refer and relive them.

It also comes with an «Arrangement and Scheduling» feature that makes it possible for you to keep track of all your upcoming meetings, lest you miss out on any of them. If you are looking for a video chat tool that offers the most easy-to-use control and management tools, then look no further than ezTalks Cloud Meeting.

The innovative whiteboard that this software comes with is also another great bonus feature, not to mention the fact that it supports a cross-platform chat, meaning you can have a video chat with a participant using a device that’s different from your own. For those looking for instant screen sharing, ezTalks Cloud Meeting made it sure that is possible too. Last but not least, the HD video and audio quality of this tool is just out of this world so when chatting with your friends, sound or video clarity is something you will never complain of.

3. Facebook Video Chat

Facebook boasts of billions of users around the world so it is only understandable why it makes it to the list of some of the best online video group chat tools. One of its primary features in terms of video chatting is that it enables the sharing of updates and real-time chatting with your friends, just as it is used in the normal ways.

Initially, Facebook managed its video chatting capabilities in collaboration with Skype but with time, it has become rather independent and now offers users personalized vide chatting platforms. In order to start using this service, all you need to do is to open the chat box with your friend and then select the video chat icon. Of course, you will need to download few applications to make this possible.

4. Google Hangouts

Google is one of the most popular web-based best group video chat software. Over the recent past, Google introduced a social media platform named Google Hangouts and one of the reasons this tool has become so popular is the overwhelming trust users have on Google as a result of its quality and security.

The tool enables users to make a free face-to-face call with up to 10 different people at the same time. Even better, the tool can also be used for various other services within a Gmail account where all you need to do is set it as a default. The service can be used with any browser and OS free of charge. All you need to do is to download and install it on your devices through Play Store, Web applications or iTunes and begin enjoying this service.

5. ooVoo

ooVoo is also one of the best way to group video chat and one of the key features it boasts of are high video quality. The tool enables you to do a video chat with up to 12 participants at once.

One other notable feature of the tool is that it makes it possible to record an entire video chat. ooVoo is available for both MAC OS and Windows and it is also compatible with different other devices that include iPhone and Android, which explains why it has more than 30 million subscribers worldwide.

6. Imo Messenger

Imo Messenger is yet another tool that has earned its place among the best video group chat software and one notable thing about this too is that it available in All platform including IOS, MAC, Windows, Android and several other mobile and tablet devices, thus offering the kind of flexibility we all yearn for in a group video chat app.

The tool comes free of charge and provides a user-friendly interface where it enables participants to engage in a video chat from any device, making it one of the best cross-platform group video chat tools.

7. Face Time

Face Time also deserves a mention among some of the best video group chat software for PC. The tool was initially supported by only iPhone and MAC but as demand for video chatting has been on the increase, the developers have made it possible for Face Time to work for Windows as well.

One benefit you get with this tool is that of providing a full screen video chatting option during a call, as well as a mute button, just in case you are more interested in the visuals than the audios. The mute button may be considered a privacy feature as it bars the receiver from listening to our voice when pressed. Additionally, Face Time enables users to make only audio calls with the aid of the «block camera or video» button. To use the tool you will have to go through an easy email sign-up procedure.

8. iChat (Mac)

iChat is the most widely used software for video chat, albeit only on Mac. In fact, it is a default application for video calling for Mac OS and it supports a video chat of up to 3 people. Additionally, the tool enables participants to share and view files during the video chat.

There are also options of adding custom background images just to improve the friendliness of its interface. Perhaps one of the glaring drawbacks of this tool is the fact that it is available only for Mac devices. To begin enjoying the services, all you need to do is download it from the apple official application store.

9. Line

Though not as popular as the ones already discussed, Line is another great video chat tool that deserves a mention. The tool is available for all major operating systems like Windows and iOS as well as Android.

Those users familiar with Facebook Video Chat should not have problems using Line as the two interfaces bear much semblance. One great feature that sets Line above the rest is the fact that it enables a user to pay on order to call all the landlines and at a very minimal rate.

10. Skype

Skype is a household name as it is the only most widely used voice and video chat online software by Microsoft. Skype boasts of high-quality video chatting features as well as a very friendly interface. The tool is free and is available in nearly all operating systems and devices.

One thing users like about Skype is its reliability since its video and voice chats work without any interruptions provided the participants have capable internet connections. It enables you to call anyone free of charge, thanks to its «Skype to Skype calls» feature. However, you can also upgrade to the paid call plan where you can make video or voice calls to any phone numbers and at reasonable prices.


Have you been sitting there and asking yourself — what is the best group video chat method? Well, now you know. Having looked at the best 10 there are, it is natural to point out that ezTalks Cloud Meeting is indeed the best of these video group chat tools for easy video conferencing, as its features speak for itself.

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ezTalks-Which Free Teleconference Services is Suitable for You?

In many businesses and companies as well as some of the smaller firms, teleconferencing services are a major aspect of doing business. This is because many companies having several branches in different geographical locations or when there is a meeting between several people in different locations.

Seminars, meetings and other large events involving people who are in different cities, countries and even states, are being held today with the help of free teleconference services rather than being in one venue. Teconferencing services for free providers are cropping the market to cater for the growing companies and individual teleconferencing needs. This piece is going to give you an overview of the 5 best free teleconference services.

1. eztalks Cloud Meeting

eztalks Cloud Meeting is another innovative free teleconferencing service for video teleconferencing. It delivers easy, professional online video teleconferencing services that make business and individual video collaboration easier than ever.

What are some of the features of ezTalks Cloud Meeting? One of its features is high-definition videos and audios, innovative whiteboard, instant screen and content sharing, cross-platform chat, online meeting recording and playback, meeting arrangement and scheduling, control and management and the ability to host meetings on all electronics devices.

free teleconferencing services

2. Freebridge

Freebridge is one of the most common free teleconferencing services. With it, you can be able to host 100+ people at ago, a number that is not most likely achievable in the near future. What are the main Freebridge teleconferencing applications? This free teleconferencing service is mostly used for legal depositions, board meetings, training or sales seminars or phone conferencing with employees.

Consider hosting free teleconferencing with Freebridge and see your business processes streamlined within a short duration of time. Increased productivity of your employees as well as flexibility in communicating vital information quickly, this way you will be able to save time and money with Freebridge teleconferencing services for free.

free teleconference service

3. Free Conference Calling

When it comes to free teleconferencing services, Free Conferencing Calling is the first one that comes into your mind because its name is a great idea to the beginning. You’re able to create conferencing calls for free for up to a thousand people, but the interesting feature of this service is the ability to get detailed reports about your conferencing call.

What are these additional features that make it more interesting? Well, something like the ability to host more than a thousand calls at ago is something exceptional. In your account dashboard, with Free Conference Calling you can get a detailed report about your conference calls. You find statistics are great, especially for employers who want to monitor a teleconference attendance.

best free teleconference service

4. Skype

This is another very popular free teleconferencing service. Who doesn’t know Skype? It is one of the most secure programs, especially in terms of relating to the government policies.

What are the main Skype features? Well, it is certainly appealing when it comes to free voice calls, free Skype video calls, as well as free instant messaging. You’re able to make a video call easily with about twenty-five participants.

Let’s look at how to access video calling features with Skype. You can check on the “group calls page” to get more details about how you can make video calls using Skype.

teleconference services free

5. Onconference

Onconference is another free teleconference service that is toll-free. What are some of its features? People can access the services from Onconference from 100+ countries. It has a twenty-four hour support staff and an unconditional guarantee.

Do you need to make reservations? Well, with Onconference teleconferencing service, you do not need to make any reservations. You will receive your dedicated access codes and get started with the conferencing in 100+ different nations.

How many participants can be accommodated? You can host ninety-six participants anytime. It has a twenty-four support team when you want assistance.

teleconference services for free

To wrap up the loose ends, it is important to mention that the best free teleconference services can give a small business the image of a large company and it is one of the most effective ways to communicate with your clients and employees all over the world.

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ezTalks-6 Free Web Conferencing Software to Help You Work Faster


With a free web conferencing platform, now you can link with the attendees from all parts of the world utilizing simply an internet connection. No downloads needed, no time taking installations required. Web conferencing software provides the callers the perfect in flexibility for participating in the free web conference. Video meeting, dial in numbers and screen sharing services fit together with the web conferencing platform, offering the participants the liberty to join the web conference when they pick. Today, we are going to introduce top 6 free web conferencing software to meet your needs.

1. ezTalks Cloud Meeting

Utilizing ezTalk Cloud Meeting software service, you will be able to make calls and virtual meetings with people in different locations, as if you were talking to each other face to face. It provides one to one, and one to a large number of people and many-to-many voice calls. ezTalks offers a free plans that supports up to 100 participants simultaneously during a video meeting. The free web conferencing software also contains rich features, such as file and content sharing, innovative whiteboard and co-annotation, cross-platform group and private chat, and so on. This is one of the online web conferencing software that is useful for many companies.

eztalks free web conferencing software

2. Zoho Meeting

Zoho Meeting is free web conferencing software that allows you host meetings online perfectly and remove travel costs. It is made for organizations with large number of teams in various places, hence they can combine in real time. Its mixed audio conferencing lets you to share the desktop and conduct meeting directly with customers. Explain the software product all over the world without the need to move from office. You can even transfer control to clients at the time of product presentations. This web conferencing free software works with Mac, Windows, Linux OS, you can also avail it through safari, Firefox, Google Chrome and some famous browsers.

3. Mikogo

Mikogo provides a free screen sharing solution, that large number of organizations all over the world avail to support the meeting and web conferences on the internet. It is a free web video conferencing software solution for the companies. Free screen sharing software lets users to see and share a computer desktop and transfer the limit to another individual who is connected. This software is especially beneficial in supporting web conference, online sales demos and training of persons and groups. It can assist improve communication and calls by permitting users to combine with each other and see the similar details in actual time.

4. WebEx Meetings

One can raise the effectiveness and efficiency of the company by offering WebEx Meetings to each department. It is fully integrated with best quality audio meeting services. This free online web conferencing software creates it all easy to introduce or join meetings on the internet, providing participants the chance of joining the audio through landline telephone, mobile or computer and it does not matter about the place. One can communicate details and share documents, applications and presentations like you would do in a direct meeting.


If you want to conduct a meeting in a hurry, with a team of people who all contain various chat customers and who do not need to go move the length of the sign up procedure to link, software is one of the best video conferencing solutions you are looking for. It is a light weight system that allow you audio, share video and the screen with lot of users quickly. After placing, this software allow you invite customers through email with add people option. You can even invite them to join through sending a link to your room. After you are prepared to go, this software offers you the chance to present the conference with audio and video.

6. GoToMeeting

GoToMeeting is a web conducted service made and promoted by the online services. It is a desktop sharing, online meeting and video conferencing software which helps the users to meet with the customers, computer users, colleagues and clients through the internet in real time. It is made to broadcast the desktop view of a computer to a team of computer attached to the hose by online. Transmission are secured with best security encryption and chosen passwords. By mixing a web hosted service with software placed on the computer, transmissions can be sent through highly limited firewalls.


While seeking for installing free web conferencing software, do a free web conferencing software comparison. Free web conferencing software review also helps you to get the best free web conferencing software for you. With web conference software you will be able to host a meeting efficiently and effectively. You can also save your time and cut travel cost .Availing this software, you could offer sales presentations to clients in different countries and on several continents in the similar day and all without moving from your office. Most of the software can deal the audio part of the conference also.

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UC EXPO 2017: ezTalks Starts Showcasing Its Latest Videoconferencing Solutions

London, May 17, 2017 – ezTalks Technology Co., Ltd., the leading videoconferencing service provider, is presenting its frontier video conferencing solutions and technologies at F121 on 17-18 May at UC EXPO 2017, the largest unified communications and collaboration event in Europe.


As an innovative and competitive SaaS provider, ezTalks is always at the front to create and lead the market with its advanced technologies. With full range of solutions including software, hardware as well as room solutions, the company aims to transform the way that enterprise communicates, connects employees, and gets work done. Following the CeBIT Germany in March, UC EXPO is another step this company has taken to make it known in European market.


Main exhibits:


ezTalks Cloud-the best software solution for enterprise grade video conference


ezTalks Cloud is a powerful cloud meeting solution that enables users free from costly infrastructure, complex configurations, and pre-meeting practice drills. It connects users in different locations easily via combining an ezTalks account with a video enabled device. The most distinguished feature of ezTalks Cloud is the free Freemium 100-participant Videoconferencing Plan, which allows up to 100 attendees to join a full-featured online meeting at the same time from desktops and mobiles. With ezTalks Freemium 100-participant plan, users get the best chance to try without limitations of function or numbers of participants to see and then decide without any hesitation.


ezTalks Onion-perfectly designed for huddle room video conference


ezTalks Onion, an all-in-one video conferencing equipment, is a huddle room solution that integrated with software and hardware which offer various functions, including seamless collaboration, meeting control, screen sharing, etc.Its all-in-one hardware is equipped with a 1080p camera with 120° wide angle lens, dual microphone and a loudspeaker, which makes it easy to install within minutes and start up a conference system. The operation and control can be flexible with terminals such as smartphones, PCs and tablet to start meetings any time anywhere.

Visitors will also be able to have a firsthand look at ezTalks newest videoconferencing solution, get hands-on demos and chat with product experts about their collaboration and meeting needs at F121 on 17-18May at ExCeL London.


As a professional video conference service provider, ezTalks also provides on-premise video conference solutions, various of video conference meeting room equipment like VPE3000 for medium meeting room, VPE4000 for large meeting room, HVPE3000 for H.323 conferencing room, and MCU to meet different business needs.


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Phone: +1 (888) 567-8889


About UC EXPO 2017

UC EXPO is the largest Unified Communications and Collaboration event in Europe which encompasses the technologies that enable smarter working and a truly connected business.


About ezTalks Technology Co., Ltd.

ezTalks( is a leading online video conferencing provider in the world which enables users to host unlimited HD video conferencing with anyone, anytime. ezTalks provides cloud-based solutions, on-premise solutions and a series of video conference room equipment across desktop, mobile and meeting rooms to transform the way the enterprise communicates, connects employees, and gets work done with video meetings effectively. For years, ezTalks has earned its reputation for their stable and outstanding performance, easy-to-use design and affordable pricing. Today they have more than 30 thousand global loyal company users.