Zoom Interactive Video Reviews 2017

Interactive video software is becoming a crucial part from the communication for all sorts of companies. Now companies are incorporating interactive video software within their communication system to help make the communication easy, instant, and much more effective. Many interactive video tools such as the ezTalks Conferences and Zoom are picking out some advanced technologies to help make the communication simple and easy , productive. In the following paragraphs, you’ll come to understand about the Zoom interactive video software.

Zoom offers various kinds of the intends to satisfy the demands of all of the sizes of companies. Miracle traffic bot could be tailored for the big and small corporations. Using the Zoom interactive video, you can twenty-five participating video streams. Furthermore, you could have greater than ten hosts and you’ll be in a position to host as much as 200 listeners and viewers.

Zoom has a simplified interface and HD audio and video. You should use dual or multiple screens with respect to the need for your meeting. It will allow you to see a gallery from the participant or think about using the primary frame with smaller sized thumbnails. Zoom enables you to talk about monitor. It will likewise let the user to record the conferences to some computer. You may also record it towards the cloud. The consumer may also chat independently with groups.

Would you like to learn more concerning the Zoom interactive video software? If so, you’ll be able to go to the following Zoom interactive video reviews. This review will focus both around the good and bad sides of the interactive video software.

Pros of Zoom Interactive Video:

1. Innovative

Using the HD audio and video, Zoom brings some innovation in to the webinars an internet-based collaboration. It features a dynamic voice recognition feature. Furthermore, you may have multiple options concerning the screen. The consumer may use the entire-screen, dual-steaming, and gallery view. For a moment also can join the meeting being an attendee on the phone dial -in if you’re not physically contained in the conference room.

2. Mobile Friendly

Zoom is mobile-friendly. This can be used software for that Android and iOS. Using the Zoom software, you are able to virtually connect with anywhere together with your smartphone and a web connection. You don’t need that you follow a specific spot to join the conferences. Zoom helps make the online collaboration convenient and simpler. This may also be built-into the Home windows, Mac, Linus, Android, and iOS. It enables you screen discussing, private and group chats, and document discussing. You may also possess the control of your mouse, keyboard, and also the white board.

3. Instant and Convenient Meeting

Using the Zoom, you’ve got the choice to start an immediate meeting. You may also join the scheduled meeting. Briefly, you’ve got the versatility to begin the meeting inside your convenient time. Whenever you will plan a gathering, you’ll have a Personal Meeting ID to distribute one of the participants. If you’re the host, you’ve got the facility to record the meeting. You may also mute a participant. Zoom may also allow you to create MP4 and MP4A tracks over the meeting. You’ve got the discussing feature with the highest quality material.

4. Simple to use

Zoom provides a simplified interface. The beginner can comprehend the features after some understanding from the technologies. With this particular software, you can begin a relevant video conferencing in tangible-time communication together with your smartphone only. You don’t need to physically dial-directly into attend or start the conferences. With a single click, you are able to join the conferences and may begin using the characteristics.

5. Safety

Zoom offers some developed security measures to keep the privacy from the online collaborations. The consumer may have own login password and user names. Besides, it’ll have the AES 256-bits file encryption and Secure Socket Layer (SSL) file encryption. Miracle traffic bot offers admin feature controls and role-based access control.

6. Free Version Can Be Obtained

Zooms provide a free version. Using the free service, you could have limitless sessions. As well as the developed features, you’ll have to consider some compensated plans.

Cons of Zoom Interactive Video:

1. Meeting for any Short Time

When you purchase the disposable version, you’ll be permitted to carry on a gathering for forty minutes with as many as fifty participants. If you would like more participants, you’ll have to think about a compensated version.

2. Lack of Real-time Document Discussing

Zoom doesn’t provide the real-time document discussing feature. They are a couple of negative points. Should you feel the overall benefits, you can just ignore these minor points. Furthermore, miracle traffic bot has gotten reviews that are positive by the majority of the users. They think it is more helpful for that instant meeting, versatility, mobile-friendly features, and cost-effective options.

Zoom interactive video could be a wise decision for that small , small-massive meeting but for the cloud interactive video. Zoom’s HD audio and video, professional display, and customizable plans can be quite helpful for that companies that are looking to integrate online collaboration tools to their existing communication systems.

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Five Great Online Teaching Programs and Software

Nowadays, any type of education or learning isn’t restricted to old-style classrooms. Now situations are altered, and with the aid of online education platforms, students can acquire the best education from anywhere. These web based education tools are impressive within the result, and that’s the reasons students and teachers are selecting by doing this of learning.

In situation, you’re a modern teacher, and you need to do this approach to teaching, then here we are discussing five of the greatest online teaching programs, and you may choose a number of tools that fit your requirement for online education or learning.

1. Adobe Connect

Adobe is really a well-known name among students and teachers due to various legendary products which collaboration and learning software match the expectation of users. It features a special version for education that provides many features to teachers including presentation tweaking, generating real-time quizzes, session breakout, and one-on-one interaction. It has tracking systems to help you come on-time feedback on various aspects, also it can allow an instructor to watch the progress of scholars. All of these features together with many more allow it to be among the best online education platforms for college students and teacher in easy ways.

adobe connect

2. ezTalks Conferences

When we discuss of the greatest online teaching programs, then it’s impossible to disregard theezTalks Conferences about this list. It is really a full-fledged meeting software that actually works ideal for both business and education purpose. This collaboration meeting software has features for example interactive video, program, screen discussing, annotation, white board animation, personal interaction plus much more. Also, it may permit you to record the session to look at it later. This selection causes it to be an ideal tool for students and teachers because students can view the session later to understand it again. The most known factor about ezTalks Conferences is it is free of charge for 100 participants and if you would like it for additional audience, then a person always has the liberty to upgrade to compensated plans.

eztalks cloud meeting

3. Google Hangouts

Google Hangout is a superb tool that’s free of charge, also it can defeat the majority of the other online education platforms quickly. It provides you with the liberty to possess a video talk to individual and group too. Also, it can benefit you need to do white board animation, annotation, screen discussing and many other things which will make the internet teaching a far greater experience. Together with that, you might also need the liberty to make use of Google docs to talk about notes or any other details, and when an instructor really wants to broadcast the category, he is able to do this using YouTube. Each one of these things together turn it into a useful gizmo for online education.

google hangouts

4. SlideRocket

Engaging and engaging presentations could be a terrific way to educate the scholars, and SlideRocket might help students and teachers in an effective way. This online education software enables collaborators to operate on the presentation or documents for much better work. All these documents will get a particular URL and students can share this Hyperlink to the teacher for evaluation. Students can combine the presentation or slides with audio, pictures as well as other styles. The great factor relating to this tool is you can reuse spreadsheets and when needed you are able to pull data from various live feeds. So, if you wish to find among the best online teaching programs, then make certain you include this within the list.


5. ProofHub

This can be a fantastic collaboration software that may enhance the online learning project with the aid of better collaboration and communication among various group people of the team. All group people can rapidly talk to other group people using chat, plus they can share various issues to resolve it in a nutshell time. If all of the students are in exactly the same page, they might have better outcomes and students can collaborate easily. Also, this straightforward tool might help them share the minds inside a more obvious ways. By doing this, students can systematically organize the information, plus they can display it for their organizers too. The very best factor relating to this tool is it is effective on the majority of the devices including mobile and desktops.


With the aid of above pointed out online teaching programs, you could have fast communication, better collaboration and simple connecting using the instructor too. Also, these power tools are simple to understand and employ in each and every situation which makes it a powerful tool for online learning. Because of these functions students could possibly get more advantages of the amount, an internet-based educators can provide more using their work. So, if you wish to explore among the best online education platforms, you’ll be able to choose one of these simple tools, and you may get outstanding knowledge about it.

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7 Strategies for Training Remote Employees

Training is a valuable part of preparing employees for hiring whatever the employment field. Unlike schools along with other specialized institutions where training happens on the face to face basis, most institutions don’t have such provisions. Additionally to insufficient specialized training infrastructure, 50 plusPercent of enterprises now utilize digital business platforms, which eliminates requirement for dedicated work place. Personnel could be trained remotely, hired remotely and work remotely.

Managing remote employees training could be a very tiresome task, particularly if the right approach tactics aren’t involved. The 7 tips below regarding how to train remote employees cause you to proficient at training remote employees.

1. Utilize interactive video

There’s lots of worker training happening remotely. However, an enormous number of this training fails to get results what’s intended since it focuses only on emailing documents and video links. Using screen capture and discussing tools is among the finest video conference techniques which make a significant difference in the caliber of training delivered.

ezTalks Conferences enables discussing professional HD interactive video for any less that 40-minute worker training with as many as 100 participants at any given time. Features for example recording training or playback, discussing screens and handheld remote control, places the tool in the center of effective remote online training software.

2. Train smart and hirable people

Motivation is an extremely important additive in figuring out how committed you will be. Remote training becomes motivational and may only become a culture when the people trained can keep the skills and jump in. Therefore, it is important to measure the academic and intelligence background from the trainees before enrolling them. They don’t have to become vibrant, but should are interested within the profession you offering practicing. Strong communication skills and skill to operate under no supervisors are general skills that trainees must possess, otherwise you might be putting things off.

3. Allow remote learners to graduate one stage further in their own speed

As lengthy when you are not training employees for purchase, there’s a necessity to provide them time for you to internalize the skills you’re offering. Placing datelines and hurrying all of the trainees with the program like a batch is likely to fail. Differing people learn at different rates, hence some trainees may lag behind. It doesn’t mean they aren’t good. It’s recommendable to allocate couple of days or days with respect to the massiveness of the practicing reflection and clarification on fuzzy challenges before graduating to another training level.

4. Satisfy the trainees personally first

Communication skills and responsible behavior are difficult to pick remotely. You should meet your trainees in both batches or in general team and communicate with them for a few hrs. You may also hand out the very first training face-to-face simply to assess the type of people you’ll be training. Additionally, it’s a good chance to unite they and introductions to possess time throughout the first interactive video meeting.

5. Give homework making follow ups

Training remote employees shouldn’t simply be dependent on instilling job skills, but additionally dependent on creating responsible behavior. Among the proven and tested-to-work methods with regards to assessing degree of responsibility is giving work.

However, make sure to permit the homework to become done in the trainees pace to get a obvious picture of the amount of understanding. Don’t hurry them because this means they are handle the assignments to conquer datelines rather of learning.

6. Provide the trainees the various tools they require within their training

There’s two primary benefits of giving remote employees the various tools they require. They’ll be motivated as well as have standard and right equipment. Motivated employees will treat working out more seriously, and will also provide you with very the best employees you’ll need. Working out equipment ought to be purchased before recruiting they towards the training and commitment mood.

7. Make training a company’s culture

A business is made on values. Aside from the skills you impart inside your employees, you will find values that must definitely be upheld for the prosperity of the organization. These values have to be trained not just once but continuously. Therefore, it’s fundamental to help make the remote employees training a company’s culture and reinforce it through ongoing training.

The above mentioned pointed out remote employees training tips seem simple. They might be also simpler to miss or treat gently. The primary consequence because of not holding them is chance of hiring incompetent workforces. Thus, it’s sensible to get the guidelines to enhance your remote employees‘ skills and company values.

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5 top Instant Conferencing Software Options

During last couple of decades the methods of operating companies have altered significantly because of various technological advancements. Earlier business proprietors and managers need to travel in one city to a different to go to business conferences in order to find possibilities to improve their business. But, today the supply of numerous instant conferencing software options has altered the items significantly. Before discussing a few of the popular instant conferencing software programs you must understand what instant conferencing means.

What’s instant conferencing?

Instant conferencing is really a system that enables you to definitely start speaking with a variety of participants anytime simply by dialing single common number. Such business calls are thought like a substitute of the meeting personally attended through the participants. Such calls aren’t possible without needing instant conferencing software like a tool. In this manner, these software options can eliminate the necessity of travelling in one spot to another to go to a business meeting together with which makes it comfortable for everybody to obtain preferred results without leaving their comfort zones.

A few of the popularly used instant conferencing software choices are discussed here under that will help you in selecting a appropriate choice for you.

1. ezTalks Conferences

The growing need for convenient and efficient instant conferencing services had helped in developing various instant conferencing software choices to provide easier atmosphere for business conferences. ezTalks Conferences continues to be introduced because the best instant conferencing software around the globe earlier. This can be used software to arrange a relevant video conference by looking into making instant conferencing call to almost 100 participants at any given time. Together with it, miracle traffic bot can also be competent to organize HD quality video and audio conferences. You may also make use of this software program effectively for discussing your white board presentations combined with the screen of the computer along with other participants, no matter their whereabouts nowadays.

2. Join.me

As being a cloud based instant conferencing software join.me enables organizations and companies to make use of a web-based platform to satisfy instantly to go over their various kinds of needs. You of the software may use its user-friendly and straightforward interface to setup personalized URL for conferences. They are able to make use of this Hyperlink to send automated notification through email to ask another participants. There is no need of utilizing complex procedures to set up miracle traffic bot with no necessity of training to function miracle traffic bot causes it to be very reasonable to watch owner, small or big. They are able to make use of the interactive video feature of the smartphone to participate the cloud meeting through miracle traffic bot.

3. Adobe Connect

The recognition of Abode brand in the market of technologies have chose to make this instant conferencing software famous the today’s business community. Primary purpose of miracle traffic bot is to supply a unique experience with interactive video to the users by supplying them the ability of instant conferencing together with learning materials and practicing by using this software effectively. In this manner the organization supplies a personalized tool towards the users to enable them to digitally personalize their cloud conferences according to their needs together with supplying them an very safe platform for communication.

4. Fuze

It is among the free instant conferencing software options which are especially designed soothe companies which can’t afford the price of the compensated conferencing tools. This free instant conferencing software program enables you for connecting with as many as 25 participants simultaneously. As being a leading conferencing tool Fuze also enables to give as much as 12 HD quality videos which may be run concurrently together with using other applications to talk about the desktop screen within the organization. Additionally, it provides 1GB space for storage on its cloud cost free to the users to keep important presentations and knowledge that are obtainable later on, whenever needed. But if you wish to record the proceedings of internet meeting them you’ll have to buy its compensated version.

5. BlueJeans

It’s another instant conferencing software that enables you to employ an online enabled device for connecting with other people everywhere and anytime. The developers of the software have attempted to transform every instant telephone call right into a video call to enhance the expertise of interactive video together with making the communication process more efficient. Primary reason for miracle traffic bot would be to satisfy the needs from the targeted customers by organizing conferences through interactive video. The organization provides a free opportunity to its customers to do this software before supplying them its upgraded version to enable them to enjoy all the advantages of its functionalities, making it among the best 100 cloud-based online communication companies.


After reviewing five most widely used instant conferencing software options it may be concluded easily that you could locate one according to your company needs. A number of other software programs are available for sale from which you’ll select a appropriate one after evaluating their features, cost along with other facilities which will make instant conferencing simpler for you personally.

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6 Effective Methods for Training Staff

The workers or employees in the company or organization are provided with training to improve the functioning of the organization. For an individual who manages training, it’s their duty to evaluate the employees and employees inside their publication rack properly skilled and possess correct understanding to function to make sure that there’s a boost in productivity from the organization. The staff member or perhaps the staff is most likely probably the most valuable asset from the organization and in addition they ought to be trained regularly, since it is benefiting fir the company and company generally. Want brief you having a couple of from the useful means of training staff which you’ll want to utilize to teach the workers.

1. Interactive training

Interactive ways of training and plans keeps the workers and workers engaged, which ensures they are a lot more receptive to any or all fresh and new information. They include group discussions and that is among the finest way of more skilled employees to feed by themselves understanding to new employees. Meaning discussions provide open and proper communication inside the trainees while using trainer.

Brainstorming may also be incorporated and confusions may also be addressed. Interactive training utilizes demonstrations. They are a very effective tool simply because they include usage of equipment and tools to explain the steps that’s being trained or perhaps the processes that’s being adopted. Other methods in this particular category includes usage of quizzes, situation studies, question cards, active summaries, Q&A sessions, role playing, participant control etc. they makes training enjoyable and fun since the workers interact freely while absorbing the important thing skills that are required for far better performance.

2. Classroom training

Classroom training is mentioned to get probably the most popular and efficient way even with many different technological advances on the market. Many individuals label this as old traditional way but since it is mentioned old are gold. White-colored board and blackboard is most likely the first training method that you request feedback of what is written on boards. Till now many big organizations use this method of training. Other methods involve using PowerPoint presentations, storytelling, overhead projectors and video training.

3. On job training

In this particular method the staff member is trained with the experienced and senior employees who’re supervisor or special instructors. The entire training is determined by mainly round the trainer. Generally learning technical areas, crafts and trades, is provided by ongoing to help keep the untrained worker under skilled workers. Assignments is a more method that is frequently accustomed to own under skilled executives with firsthand experience on actual problems. The trainees then concentrate on individuals problems and acquire the solutions on their own account.

4. Off job training

Under this process a student must leave work and supply his whole here i am at exercising purpose. For this reason he cannot lead for the organization production. This type of training might be arranged within the organization itself or is possible in the institute. Usually huge companies have training departments however companies cannot bear the casts.

5. Apprenticeship training

In industries like printing, metal and building constructions etc. this process of education may be used broadly. This training continues for five to six years. The staff member is generally absorbed with the industry following a training is finished. The employees get practical understanding through the job also theoretical understanding in school lecture. This method could be the traditional and earliest method in training of trades, crafts and technical areas.

6. Online or e-Learning training

With many different numerous advances in technological sector a lot of companies rely on online reasons for training. With various study, volume of organizations using e-Learning an online-based training keeps growing it’s also predicted this continues rising after a while. It’s among new means of training staff inside the organization.

This process is becoming prevalent because of the truth that internet is increasingly more accessible. A particular instance of online training is ezTalks, the engagement and guidance platform which gives direct and immediate practicing employees who are required when. ezTalks is probably the best training software that allows you to certainly connect more than 100 participants totally free at any time and for more participants you’ll be able to pick the membership plan. It provides an excellent using the finest results and connectivity.

It is vital to keep the workers engaged and involved to cause them to retain new information. To find the best results, professional suggest using softer ways of training which are not required to share any kind of information however are useful in receiving data and directions making the whole experience enjoyable. ezTalks helps save lots of time, money and which matches while travelling. It can help to make a good atmosphere simply because they build within the participant’s confidence and may power and helps to make the training a lot more interesting.


Now that you’ve every detail about approaches training staff, you can now select and conduct an excellent working exercise that benefits your company or business. The most effective technique is mentioned may be the online training way in which will certainly result in consistent growth and development of your company.

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What Is Unified Communications?

What is Unified Communications? Unified Communications (UC) refers to the integration of communication tools that allow individuals to exchange ideas and work more efficiently.

Some of these tools, such as IP telephony, presence notification and instant messaging, facilitate synchronous communication, which takes place in real time (at the same time in a different place). Others, such as e-mail or Twitter, facilitate asynchronous communication, which takes place at the moment chosen by the user (different times and places).

The goal of Unified Communications is to integrate software that supports synchronous and asynchronous communication, so that the user can easily access all of the tools, regardless of the computer equipment he or she uses.

Traditional desktop environments, where users work on computers and with desktop phones or software phones and own individual webcams.

Corporate conference rooms are equipped with loudspeaker phones, a shared display system and a shared video system (these can be classical teleconferencing equipment or high-end telepresence systems).

Employees working remotely using mobile devices, such as Android or iOS tablets and smartphones, and using the audio and video features of these devices. Ideally, the unified communications environment integrates with both the central systems that provide the services and the front-end clients that provide easy access.

For example, the web conferencing system would use the audio conferencing system, which in turn would rely on the primary IP telephony platform, and a UM client would offer a phone, chat, or video calling feature by clicking (“click to call”).

Online collaboration tools that automatically support services or project management systems often incorporate unified communications functions, such as team chat, or are incorporated into external CPU systems to provide these services.

Unified communications is also superimposed on call center technologies. This is the case, for example, with automatic call distribution systems and interactive voice response systems.

What Is Unified Communications?

Politicians Embrace Video Conferencing to Enhance Communication

As we have seen in our blog, video conferencing has multiple uses and benefits for companies and employees, but today, initiatives and uses are emerging in very different fields, such as in politics.

More and more politicians are betting to avoid traveling and making their daily commitments by video conference. For example, one of the presidents who uses this video communication tool the most is Cristina Fernández, president of Argentina, who works from schools, civic centers to airports. In addition, he attends virtually business events and holds talks with other leaders, such as Vladimir Putin.

But not only the Argentine president takes advantage of the benefits of video conferencing in politics, the leaders of the United States, United Kingdom, France and Germany use video conferencing system to meet and deal with issues, such as the situation in Ukraine, global security or the epidemic Of Ebola in West Africa, without having to travel. This fact is not something specific, former US President Barack Obama also uses video conferencing regularly to communicate with his national security team and with world leaders.

On the other hand, video conferencing becomes a key tool to help political leaders and rescue teams in natural disasters. This is the case of the Spanish minister, García-Margallo, who coordinated the evacuation work of the Spaniards who were in Nepal during the earthquake on 26 April. In addition, the US and Moscow agreed to organize virtual expert meetings to analyze real-time responses in the event of a natural disaster.

As we can see, video conferencing has become an indispensable business communication tool for international relations, since it allows you to avoid wasted time, travel and save on costs. In addition, they are proved to be very practical since they’re not only allowed to share images and sound, but also allow to make presentations to exchange documents, and to see the behavior of the other participants. In this sense, video conferencing systems, such as ezTalks Cloud Meeting, are equipped with the maximum benefits, so that a meeting or negotiation between political forces has the same characteristics as if it were face to face.

In addition, ezTalks Cloud Meeting delivers full HD image quality and allows you to participate in video conference calls from any computer in Windows and Mac and device in iOS or Android and place, thus offering flexibility and mobility that politicians need.

Politicians Embrace Video Conferencing to Enhance Communication

Six Best Employee Communication Apps

Employees need to have an internal mechanism of communication. When setting up a team to work on specific targets, it is important to ensure that everyone is on the same page. Once all employees are on course, setup a continuous communication link to make sure everybody is in touch with the team. To fulfill the need for constant communication, various apps offer the best platforms for employee communication. Some apps are for free while others are costly, but they help in the efficient running of the business. Here are the top six employee communication apps.


Slack provides the best platform for real time chats among employees. The employee communication app offers the user an option of either creating a new team or joining an existing team. If you are in charge of a team of employees, you can create a team and get the rest of the team members to join. The app provides you with various channels that are used to group conversations-based on different topics. You can also create your own custom channel to suit the needs of your team. You can also use private chats for direct one on one communication. The disadvantage of the app is that the notifications may become too much. You can customize the notifications in the settings.

ezTalks Meetings

Formerly known as ezTalks Cloud Meeting, this employee communication app offers the ultimate employee communication platform. Unlike most of the other apps, ezTalks Meetings can be used for hosting large scale video conferences. The app offers HD video quality of up to 1080p. It also provides you with the best quality audio, hence making it the best employee meeting app.

ezTalks Meetings has various features that make it unique, which includes the screen sharing capability. The users of the app can share their screens such that they work, take notes while following the meetings. The app also offers interactive whiteboard for presentation as well as the capability to record meeting proceedings.

Employees can have chats beside the video and audio conferencing. The plus side of ezTalks Meetings is that it is compatible with almost all the tools used by employees. Google calendars can be used for scheduling meetings, Microsoft office can be used for presentation and can also be integrated with Microsoft Outlook.


Trello is custom designed to help teams in project management. It helps teams to keep track of their activities and previous activities. The app for employee communication allows you to create boards with different cards, showing your previous tasks. You can use the boards to assign tasks to team members as well as move tasks from one board to another freely. This app is good for keeping track of the main objectives and ensuring that employees do not get out of their objectives. It clearly states what should be done, by when and by who.


This is the ultimate app for small companies that need to enhance employee communication. The app allows employees to make quick HD video conference calls and video conferences. This app can be used to enhance communication between the top managers and the lower managers without face to face meetings. Another plus for the app is the Fuze Analytics tools that can be used to give an analysis of the business and progress. The app is suitable for use in office due to its compatibility with other important tools such as Microsoft Office, Outlook, and Lync. Fuze can also be used with online apps like Google Calendar.

Microsoft Lync

Formerly known as Microsoft communicator, the Lync app is an employee communication app made by Microsoft. The app can be used for instant messaging between employees. Of late the app has been integrated with Skype, making it one of the best tools for remote meetings. It offers access to Microsoft office, Google Calendars as well as HD video calls. If you are a big fan of Redmond giant, you will find this app interesting to work with. Since it is a Microsoft app, it means it can work well with many other aspects and tools in the office.


Wrike is a great tool for managing tasks and ongoing projects. It offers a great platform for internal employee communication. The information shared on the app is transparent and all employees can contribute to the discussion. The employee communication app is not for keeping contact information. It is mainly made for brainstorming and delivering projects within time.


Employees need to have regular internal communication and meetings that are organized and with a straightforward agenda. These employee communication apps offer the best platforms since they provide with tools that can remind employees of their progress, duties, and tasks. Apps that offer video conferencing like ezTalks Meetings are preferable, considering that it can be used for clear illustrations. Employee communication should be enhanced to ensure proper working of any organization.


Top 7 Cloud Collaboration Platforms

Cloud collaboration is a process that involves sharing and co-authoring files by use of cloud computing. It involves uploading documents to a centralized cloud for storage where they can be accessed easily by all other people. In an organization, cloud collaboration makes it possible for all employees to work together on all types of data that are stored outside the organization firewall. The process also allows two or even more employees to work on a single project at the same time. It starts when one user creates a document or file and then allows other individuals to access it. To enhance this process, employees utilize cloud collaboration platform to edit, share and collaborate when working on different projects.

ezTalks Meetings

This is an effective cloud collaboration platform that enhances productivity and efficiency of team collaboration and meetings. This is can be used by all types of organization regardless of their sizes. It is utilized for online presentations, webinars and online video meetings. It works perfectly because it has HD video conferencing, remote control, screen sharing and other helpful features.

The platform allows for fast access to meetings and makes it possible to record online meetings so that you can access the details later on. It has a great screen sharing that makes it easy to present PDF, PowerPoint and other files to your teammates.


This is a visual collaboration platform that gives you an opportunity to collaborate with others as if you were sharing the same room. Regardless of where you are located, it makes it possible for you to review and optimize visual content together. It boosts the efficiency and productivity of your team through visual collaboration. BeeCanvas enhances flow of work by making it possible to collect and access links, documents, photos or videos within your organization. By using this cloud collaboration platform, you can share, post and edit all your concepts regardless of your location. Whether you are using your desktop or mobile app, BeeCanvas ensures you are fully connected to your team.


It can be a daunting task to keep on checking emails forth and back or following all your teammates to give you updates. In addition, it might also not be necessary to hold meetings that might be detrimental to productivity in your organization. Wrike is a cloud collaboration platform that allows all your teammates to log their work, share documents, discuss tasks, track time and be updated on the progress made. It has a perfect user interface that makes it possible for you to move from one project to the other and takes actions fast. It has an intuitive design that allows to do all what you want on the same page with all your teammates.

Zoho Connect

This is a cloud collaboration platform that helps unify resources, people and the apps they require. It makes it possible for its users to hold discussions, share ideas, contact one another, develop own app, manage work plans and develop their own knowledge base. With this platform, you enjoy enhanced collaboration and quicker internal communication. It makes it possible to track all tasks and minimize internal email communications.

Azeus Convene

Azeus Convene is a platform that makes it possible to share meetings and documents through a centralized platform. It streamlines meeting processes and minimize risk by making it for managers to have secure and easy access to vital information and other materials regardless of their locations. It has well set parts that make it intuitive and easy to use. Azeus Convene has a well detailed user guide and perfect customer support.


Confluence is another effective cloud based collaboration platform that enhances team collaboration and ownership. It helps in creating documents, project collaboration, sharing ideas and ensures that work is done perfectly. Confluence offers a single place to develop, evolve and get all your team documents. It has several features and detailed knowledge base. It offers prompt notifications in case there are change that are made on the files. It is also makes it possible to save the files as word doc and PDF. The platform is also perfect for exporting documents and contacts in wide range of formats.

Zoho Docs

Zoho Docs is a platform helps save your videos, images, documents and be able to access them from all devices regardless of where you are located any time you want. All your data is secure and encrypted when being moved from one location to the other. The platform enables you to collaborate with your team members, share files, give tasks and ensure that all work is done without a lot of hassles.


The above are some of the cloud collaboration platforms you can use in your organization to enhance efficiency and productivity. All what you need to do is to look for the one that has all the features that will ensure there is high level collaboration.


How to Improve Face to Face Communication Skills

Communication is often defined as the act of relaying a message to another person or persons. In theory, it sounds like quite a simple task. Unfortunately, the same cannot be said of the practical side of it. How many times has someone completely misunderstood something that you said? Or how many times have you been a culprit of the same? This is a far more common experience than most people would care to admit.

While there are many barriers to communication, there are a few tips that can help you improve your communication skills. The importance of face to face communication skills is obvious. Effective face to face communication may not come easily to you, but if you keep practicing, you will certainly get better at it. Here are some useful tips on how to improve face to face communication skills.

face to face communication

1. Watch Your Posture

You may think that words are all there is to communicate, but your body posture speaks volumes as well. In any face to face communication experience, you should purpose to maintain a relaxed and open posture. Stand or sit upright, and face your audience. That way, you will come across as an approachable person, and people are more likely to pay attention to what you are saying. If on the other hand, you adopt a slouchy position, people are less likely to take you seriously. Crossing your arms gives the impression that you are angry, unapproachable and generally not interested in your audience or your message. Try to avoid negative body posture as it can be a huge barrier to effective communication.

2. Maintain Eye Contact

A lot has been said about the importance of maintaining eye contact while talking to others, and this importance is not overrated. Maintaining eye contact shows respect for your audience. It shows sincerity, truth and conviction in what you are saying. It also opens you up to vulnerability, which in turn makes people more likely to trust you. One cannot overemphasize just how important eye contact is during communication.

If you find it hard to look at people in the eyes, then look at a point past their eyes. It gives the impression that you are actually looking at them while saving you from having to actually do it. Try to avoid looking down during your conversations by all means. Also, eye contact does not mean the same things as staring at people, which can be quite unsettling. Avoid staring at people while talking to them so as not make them uncomfortable.

3. Choose Your Words Well

Words are the medium through which you get your message across, so you ought to choose them wisely. Consider your audience as you choose your words, and only use those that are appropriate. If you are talking with a customer or client, get rid of the jargon associated with your particular line of work. If you are talking to young children, keep your vocabulary simple. Using hard words takes people’s attention from your message and instead forces them to try and make out the meanings of those words. However, if you are communicating with fellow professionals, it would be advisable to be more specific and to use as much jargon as you please. They are likely to understand you better that way.

4. Be Audible

Audibility is essential during communication. If people can’t hear what you are saying, there is a good chance they can’t understand it as well. Purpose to be audible when addressing others. Let them hear your words clearly without having to struggle. If you are addressing a huge gathering, then use microphone. Just be sure that people can actually hear you.

However, being excessively loud is a definite no- no. If you are too loud, you are likely to come across as an aggressive and demanding person, not to mention that it can also be quite irritating. Remember that your primary goal when communicating is to get your message across; don’t let your voice stand in the way of achieving this.

If you are using video conferencing software, you want to ensure that the quality of sound transmitted is high definition. One such software is ezTalks, whose image and audio quality is high definition. That way, your audience will have no problem getting your message.

5. Listen

Communication is two- way. It is the exchange of information between two or more parties. In as much as you want your audience to get your message, you should also aim at getting theirs. Don’t talk all the time. Take time to reflect on what they are saying. Internalize it. Understand their point of view. And then respond. This is one of the most effective tips on how to improve face-to-face communication skills.


There is no denying the fact that having effective face to face communication skills can be something of a challenge. But if you follow the tips above, you should consistently see your skills improving. It doesn’t matter whether you are having face to face conversations physically or online using such software as ezTalks; the rules are still the same. Maintain eye contact. Make sure you are audible. Listen to the other party. Choose your words well. If you do all the above, you will have an easy time improving your face-to-face and online communication skills.