Six Best Employee Communication Apps

Employees need to have an internal mechanism of communication. When setting up a team to work on specific targets, it is important to ensure that everyone is on the same page. Once all employees are on course, setup a continuous communication link to make sure everybody is in touch with the team. To fulfill the need for constant communication, various apps offer the best platforms for employee communication. Some apps are for free while others are costly, but they help in the efficient running of the business. Here are the top six employee communication apps.


Slack provides the best platform for real time chats among employees. The employee communication app offers the user an option of either creating a new team or joining an existing team. If you are in charge of a team of employees, you can create a team and get the rest of the team members to join. The app provides you with various channels that are used to group conversations-based on different topics. You can also create your own custom channel to suit the needs of your team. You can also use private chats for direct one on one communication. The disadvantage of the app is that the notifications may become too much. You can customize the notifications in the settings.

ezTalks Meetings

Formerly known as ezTalks Cloud Meeting, this employee communication app offers the ultimate employee communication platform. Unlike most of the other apps, ezTalks Meetings can be used for hosting large scale video conferences. The app offers HD video quality of up to 1080p. It also provides you with the best quality audio, hence making it the best employee meeting app.

ezTalks Meetings has various features that make it unique, which includes the screen sharing capability. The users of the app can share their screens such that they work, take notes while following the meetings. The app also offers interactive whiteboard for presentation as well as the capability to record meeting proceedings.

Employees can have chats beside the video and audio conferencing. The plus side of ezTalks Meetings is that it is compatible with almost all the tools used by employees. Google calendars can be used for scheduling meetings, Microsoft office can be used for presentation and can also be integrated with Microsoft Outlook.


Trello is custom designed to help teams in project management. It helps teams to keep track of their activities and previous activities. The app for employee communication allows you to create boards with different cards, showing your previous tasks. You can use the boards to assign tasks to team members as well as move tasks from one board to another freely. This app is good for keeping track of the main objectives and ensuring that employees do not get out of their objectives. It clearly states what should be done, by when and by who.


This is the ultimate app for small companies that need to enhance employee communication. The app allows employees to make quick HD video conference calls and video conferences. This app can be used to enhance communication between the top managers and the lower managers without face to face meetings. Another plus for the app is the Fuze Analytics tools that can be used to give an analysis of the business and progress. The app is suitable for use in office due to its compatibility with other important tools such as Microsoft Office, Outlook, and Lync. Fuze can also be used with online apps like Google Calendar.

Microsoft Lync

Formerly known as Microsoft communicator, the Lync app is an employee communication app made by Microsoft. The app can be used for instant messaging between employees. Of late the app has been integrated with Skype, making it one of the best tools for remote meetings. It offers access to Microsoft office, Google Calendars as well as HD video calls. If you are a big fan of Redmond giant, you will find this app interesting to work with. Since it is a Microsoft app, it means it can work well with many other aspects and tools in the office.


Wrike is a great tool for managing tasks and ongoing projects. It offers a great platform for internal employee communication. The information shared on the app is transparent and all employees can contribute to the discussion. The employee communication app is not for keeping contact information. It is mainly made for brainstorming and delivering projects within time.


Employees need to have regular internal communication and meetings that are organized and with a straightforward agenda. These employee communication apps offer the best platforms since they provide with tools that can remind employees of their progress, duties, and tasks. Apps that offer video conferencing like ezTalks Meetings are preferable, considering that it can be used for clear illustrations. Employee communication should be enhanced to ensure proper working of any organization.

Top 7 Cloud Collaboration Platforms

Cloud collaboration is a process that involves sharing and co-authoring files by use of cloud computing. It involves uploading documents to a centralized cloud for storage where they can be accessed easily by all other people. In an organization, cloud collaboration makes it possible for all employees to work together on all types of data that are stored outside the organization firewall. The process also allows two or even more employees to work on a single project at the same time. It starts when one user creates a document or file and then allows other individuals to access it. To enhance this process, employees utilize cloud collaboration platform to edit, share and collaborate when working on different projects.

ezTalks Meetings

This is an effective cloud collaboration platform that enhances productivity and efficiency of team collaboration and meetings. This is can be used by all types of organization regardless of their sizes. It is utilized for online presentations, webinars and online video meetings. It works perfectly because it has HD video conferencing, remote control, screen sharing and other helpful features.

The platform allows for fast access to meetings and makes it possible to record online meetings so that you can access the details later on. It has a great screen sharing that makes it easy to present PDF, PowerPoint and other files to your teammates.


This is a visual collaboration platform that gives you an opportunity to collaborate with others as if you were sharing the same room. Regardless of where you are located, it makes it possible for you to review and optimize visual content together. It boosts the efficiency and productivity of your team through visual collaboration. BeeCanvas enhances flow of work by making it possible to collect and access links, documents, photos or videos within your organization. By using this cloud collaboration platform, you can share, post and edit all your concepts regardless of your location. Whether you are using your desktop or mobile app, BeeCanvas ensures you are fully connected to your team.


It can be a daunting task to keep on checking emails forth and back or following all your teammates to give you updates. In addition, it might also not be necessary to hold meetings that might be detrimental to productivity in your organization. Wrike is a cloud collaboration platform that allows all your teammates to log their work, share documents, discuss tasks, track time and be updated on the progress made. It has a perfect user interface that makes it possible for you to move from one project to the other and takes actions fast. It has an intuitive design that allows to do all what you want on the same page with all your teammates.

Zoho Connect

This is a cloud collaboration platform that helps unify resources, people and the apps they require. It makes it possible for its users to hold discussions, share ideas, contact one another, develop own app, manage work plans and develop their own knowledge base. With this platform, you enjoy enhanced collaboration and quicker internal communication. It makes it possible to track all tasks and minimize internal email communications.

Azeus Convene

Azeus Convene is a platform that makes it possible to share meetings and documents through a centralized platform. It streamlines meeting processes and minimize risk by making it for managers to have secure and easy access to vital information and other materials regardless of their locations. It has well set parts that make it intuitive and easy to use. Azeus Convene has a well detailed user guide and perfect customer support.


Confluence is another effective cloud based collaboration platform that enhances team collaboration and ownership. It helps in creating documents, project collaboration, sharing ideas and ensures that work is done perfectly. Confluence offers a single place to develop, evolve and get all your team documents. It has several features and detailed knowledge base. It offers prompt notifications in case there are change that are made on the files. It is also makes it possible to save the files as word doc and PDF. The platform is also perfect for exporting documents and contacts in wide range of formats.

Zoho Docs

Zoho Docs is a platform helps save your videos, images, documents and be able to access them from all devices regardless of where you are located any time you want. All your data is secure and encrypted when being moved from one location to the other. The platform enables you to collaborate with your team members, share files, give tasks and ensure that all work is done without a lot of hassles.


The above are some of the cloud collaboration platforms you can use in your organization to enhance efficiency and productivity. All what you need to do is to look for the one that has all the features that will ensure there is high level collaboration.

How to Improve Face to Face Communication Skills

Communication is often defined as the act of relaying a message to another person or persons. In theory, it sounds like quite a simple task. Unfortunately, the same cannot be said of the practical side of it. How many times has someone completely misunderstood something that you said? Or how many times have you been a culprit of the same? This is a far more common experience than most people would care to admit.

While there are many barriers to communication, there are a few tips that can help you improve your communication skills. The importance of face to face communication skills is obvious. Effective face to face communication may not come easily to you, but if you keep practicing, you will certainly get better at it. Here are some useful tips on how to improve face to face communication skills.

face to face communication

1. Watch Your Posture

You may think that words are all there is to communicate, but your body posture speaks volumes as well. In any face to face communication experience, you should purpose to maintain a relaxed and open posture. Stand or sit upright, and face your audience. That way, you will come across as an approachable person, and people are more likely to pay attention to what you are saying. If on the other hand, you adopt a slouchy position, people are less likely to take you seriously. Crossing your arms gives the impression that you are angry, unapproachable and generally not interested in your audience or your message. Try to avoid negative body posture as it can be a huge barrier to effective communication.

2. Maintain Eye Contact

A lot has been said about the importance of maintaining eye contact while talking to others, and this importance is not overrated. Maintaining eye contact shows respect for your audience. It shows sincerity, truth and conviction in what you are saying. It also opens you up to vulnerability, which in turn makes people more likely to trust you. One cannot overemphasize just how important eye contact is during communication.

If you find it hard to look at people in the eyes, then look at a point past their eyes. It gives the impression that you are actually looking at them while saving you from having to actually do it. Try to avoid looking down during your conversations by all means. Also, eye contact does not mean the same things as staring at people, which can be quite unsettling. Avoid staring at people while talking to them so as not make them uncomfortable.

3. Choose Your Words Well

Words are the medium through which you get your message across, so you ought to choose them wisely. Consider your audience as you choose your words, and only use those that are appropriate. If you are talking with a customer or client, get rid of the jargon associated with your particular line of work. If you are talking to young children, keep your vocabulary simple. Using hard words takes people’s attention from your message and instead forces them to try and make out the meanings of those words. However, if you are communicating with fellow professionals, it would be advisable to be more specific and to use as much jargon as you please. They are likely to understand you better that way.

4. Be Audible

Audibility is essential during communication. If people can’t hear what you are saying, there is a good chance they can’t understand it as well. Purpose to be audible when addressing others. Let them hear your words clearly without having to struggle. If you are addressing a huge gathering, then use microphone. Just be sure that people can actually hear you.

However, being excessively loud is a definite no- no. If you are too loud, you are likely to come across as an aggressive and demanding person, not to mention that it can also be quite irritating. Remember that your primary goal when communicating is to get your message across; don’t let your voice stand in the way of achieving this.

If you are using video conferencing software, you want to ensure that the quality of sound transmitted is high definition. One such software is ezTalks, whose image and audio quality is high definition. That way, your audience will have no problem getting your message.

5. Listen

Communication is two- way. It is the exchange of information between two or more parties. In as much as you want your audience to get your message, you should also aim at getting theirs. Don’t talk all the time. Take time to reflect on what they are saying. Internalize it. Understand their point of view. And then respond. This is one of the most effective tips on how to improve face-to-face communication skills.


There is no denying the fact that having effective face to face communication skills can be something of a challenge. But if you follow the tips above, you should consistently see your skills improving. It doesn’t matter whether you are having face to face conversations physically or online using such software as ezTalks; the rules are still the same. Maintain eye contact. Make sure you are audible. Listen to the other party. Choose your words well. If you do all the above, you will have an easy time improving your face-to-face and online communication skills.

Top 5 Teleworking Tools

All businesses share one commodity – time. When time is managed effectively, productivity increases. Technology continues to provide organizations with new tools to help them manage time effectively and increase productivity. Teleworking tools are among the most important time leveraging tools for modern businesses. These inventive business solutions allow organizations to keep track of their day to day tasks, have real-time communication assign tasks and manage workflows. The need to work without having to show up at the workplace can be a big motivating factor. There are many types of teleworking tools out there that you can employ to organize tasks and communication, and manage your remote team. Here are 5 of the best.

ezTalks Meetings

A top pick for businesses of all sizes, ezTalks Meetings is an excellent and powerful teleworking tool. This teleworking solution makes communication among team member easier and faster thanks to its wide range of features and options. The tool boasts rich set of features, including easy screen sharing, recording and playback feature, cross platform instant chat, and inbuilt innovative whiteboard.

Also, this teleworking tool allows you to schedule, re-schedule or call-off online meetings. And if you want to host a video conference, ezTalks Meetings offers a simple 100-person video conferencing for free! You can’t get this in any other program. The tool supports almost all platforms including Android, iOS, Macintosh OS X or Windows, both in mobiles or computers.

teleworking tools


Asana is one of the best teleworking tools out there. Productivity fanatics love this teleworking solution, and for good reasons. Businesses use this tool to keep track of their everyday tasks, while also giving workers a productive setting to follow the progress of tasks. As well as helping companies keep track of their projects, the tool also allows organizations to delegate duties, organize jobs into shared projects and chat within each project. Also, it allows uploading of attachments from desktops and sharing files and links. It comes with a calendar, dashboards for tasks as well as your own to-do list. Their free version can supports up to 15 members. User-friendly interface and useful features make Asana an excellent productivity tool.

teleworking tool


Glip is another teleworking tool that allows businesses to assign tasks and keep track of their projects. For task management, file sharing, annotating images, calendar, notes and group chat, Glip is a robust teleworking tool. It is well designed for task-management and managing workflows. This feature-rich tool is cost-effective, secure and simple to integrate with popular applications. Glip can be employed for task on-the-go with its native applications for iPad, iPhone and Android devices. The best thing about Glip is that it works with many apps that people are using already including Google Drive, Google Hangouts, Dropbox, Evernote, Trello, Harvest, JIRA and more. The tool is ideal for people and teams in any kind of industry.


telework tools


Slack’s sweet spot is remote communication. This feature-rich telework tool makes communication and collaboration among team members easier and better. While it does not replace emails, it helps reduce unnecessary internal email. With Slack, teams can create spaces known as channels so they can have discussions. These channels enable employees to communicate privately or have group chats.

What’s more, users can create a channel for every client and the relevant employee invited to join the conversation. The platform also sends you email everyday with important topics that you may have missed. And if you are lonely, click on the Slack List button for a selection of great chat communities that you can join. The tool for teleworking integrates with many online collaboration tools.

telework tool


WorkZone is a project management tools that offers project collaboration, document management, projects management, customizable reporting and time tracking. It provides with project information at different levels of detail in order to accommodate the roles of various employees within each project. The tool gives team managers and staff visibility to projects, so they can see what’s next on each project.

The teleworking tool also notifies users when projects are late and allows them to quickly pinpoint projects that require immediate attention. Where this tool impresses most is that it includes safe web-based file sharing. If you are looking for a solution that will help you keep in touch with your team and track the progress of your project, then Workzone is your best option.

tools for teleworking


We hope our list of best teleworking tools will help narrow down your search. Top quality tools for teleworking help you keep connected and track your tasks and projects as well as every team member in the same virtual setting. Whatever your choice, be sure to choose a tool that offers features that will meet your business‘ needs

5 Best Teleworking Software

Teleworking, also known as telecommuting, is becoming an immensely popular option for organizations of all sizes and shapes across the world. Along with saving companies a significant amount of money on office space, teleworking offers a myriad of benefits, such as lower employee turnover, reduced overhead costs, improved workability, and of course, greater productivity among employees. In light of some of these merits to both the employees and the employers, it is no wonder that one of the latest statistics conducted by a reliable survey agent shows that the number of workers working remotely in developed countries has surpassed 75 percent in the past decade.

Although most organizations are moving towards virtual working trend, implementing an active teleworking program is not without its challenges. Indeed, organizations that get the most out of teleworking are typically those that take advantage of the modern technological developments to keep remote workers productive and connected. One of these developments is teleworking software. If you are looking for such solutions, then here below are the top five teleworking software for effective management of remote workers.

1. ezTalks Meetings

One of the leading telework software in the industry at present is none other than ezTalks Meetings. The solution offers you lots of benefits of free. It is one of those platforms that provide user-friendly experience as well as easy-to-use functions, enabling seamless virtual meetings and conference with managers and team members from wherever they are in the world.

ezTalks Meetings is feature-rich teleworking software. With HD video and crystal clear audio effects, you can communicate with virtual workers in real-time. The tool also features online meeting recording feature, where you can record an entire meeting or part session for training purposes or future use. Additionally, the teleworking software allows for easy screen sharing and access to various tools like remote control, instant messaging, online whiteboard tool, and much more. Lastly, ezTalks Meetings allows you to host virtual meetings with up to 500 team members from different locations simultaneously.

teleworking software

2. TeamViewer

If you want to diagnose one of your teleworkers‘ IT related challenges from your office or home, then you need to try out TeamViewer. It is a free telework software and the highest rated desktop sharing solution in the market. It allows you to access another person’s computer from remote. The software has been designed to include an option for permanent remote access, which means you would not require a password(s) in the future to troubleshoot issues.

More important, the above product helps facilitate worker communication. It keeps an eye on the progress of an individual employee, and allows you to remotely access employee’s applications and files. That is not enough, the program also facilitates online meetings, where you can conduct team-training sessions or hold sales presentations. The software runs on all major mobile and desktop platforms.

best teleworking software

3. Skype

At the moment, Skype is one of the most popular and default solutions to manage virtual workers under big organizations. This is free telework software, which allows remote team members to collaborate and connect with their managers via voice as well as Skype video conference calls. The product has an array of outstanding features, which include the screen-sharing option available on premium membership package.

With Skype, you can connect to the world at affordable prices thanks to the dial-in-number feature. It is significant to note that the above software runs smoothly on all the main operating systems. Although this teleworking software offers lots of its basic features for free, getting advanced features require to subscribe to premium paid plans.

free teleworking software

4. ClickMeeting

If you are looking for a reliable online meeting solution for your virtual workers, then CloudMeeting may be a perfect choice. With this teleworking software, you can hold face-to-face meetings with remote employees as well as offsite customers from all over the globe and record them for later viewing. It is free software, so it is a cost-effective solution for your organizations with limited telecommuting budgets.

The telework software is an easy-to-use app, allowing access through VoIP and phones. Additionally, you can share screens as well as private chats with the help of messaging feature. ClickMeeting is ideal for holding a private meeting(s) within a larger conference call. The software runs BlackBerry, Android, and iOS mobile platforms. It also runs on Mac OS X and Windows desktop platforms.

telework software

5. Slack

Slack is another great teleworking software and instant messaging app that is used in many organizations for searching and building teams and companies. The above product allows the you to share screens, share files, attaching work-progress images, messaging in private, and so on with your remote teammates. The software also allows to have full control over the group and private conversations.

free telework software


The list of the best teleworking software are just endless, but the above mentioned are just but a few. While each one of them offers a lot of features that make it stand out at its own place, ezTalks Meetings undeniably gains a leap for its offering that does not require any investment. By and large, teleworking software makes remote working easier than ever before. It has enabled your organizations to save lots of money on supplies and office space as well as offer an excellent way to draw great employees from around the world.

ezTalks: Listing Free Virtual Training Software

The best virtual training software incorporate a good number of communication options. Here are the six best free virtual training software:

1. ezTalks Cloud Meeting

ezTalks Cloud Meeting is the best software for live video training sessions. It delivers a full range of video training software solutions that help in making the sessions fruitful. To improve the user experience, the software incorporates ultra HD audio and video features. It also includes an innovative whiteboard that can be used to highlight, draw and erase texts. With this application, trainers can share screens and content. The training sessions are also complemented with the instant messaging functionality of the software. Trainees can chat privately or publicly with each other, and with the trainers. The software is available on a wide variety of operating systems. It also allows for playback and recording of the sessions. That way, learners can review the content later on. It includes lots of features that are meant to keep the training sessions conferencing system

eztalks cloud meeting

2. Moodle

Moodle is designed to provide personalized training environments for corporations and institutions. It uses a simple interface to make navigation easy for both trainers and students. To improve the user experience even further, the software is reviewed and updated on a regular basis. Being an open source software, Moodle can be upgraded, modified and customized without any licensing costs. The software is meant to be accessed globally, and that is why it can now be used in about 120 languages. The customer support, resources and community forums are all available in a wide variety of languages. You can use the software to train small and large groups of students as it is highly flexible and scalable.define disadvantage


3. Claroline

Claroline is a free virtual training software that is meant to help in the organization and management of onsite as well as virtual learning. You can use the software to create timetables, certificates and even invitations. To improve the user experience, Claroline allows you to incorporate all types of media in your training. These include images, private chats, soundtracks, movies and even presentations. The app can be used on any device as it will adjust to the screen size. That means you can get the virtual training software free download on many different types of devices. Beyond that, you can customize the software to suit your exact preferences in terms of color, logo as well as language. You can also use the platform to follow up your training sessions.screen sharing website


4. Udemy

You can use this virtual training software free of charge. Trainers can use Udemy to create courses and hold training sessions. The software offers a variety of methods of delivering content to students and trainees. These include recorded videos, live online video sessions and slideshows. Experts can use the platform to sell their courses or to simply share them for free. The catalog includes lots of courses, most of which are presently free. Students receive a Certificate of Accreditation once they complete the courses. The downside of the software is that there is very little personalized feedback from the call iphone


5. Learnopia

Learnopia is a learning management system that is used to create, host and give courses. The courses are offered for free or at a fee. Most of the eLearning materials can be accessed for free, and those that are on sale can be as cheap as $9.99. Learnopedia is designed to deliver specific information in the format of a detailed course. An advantage of Learnopedia is that all its files all come in a format that is compatible with the app for video calls


6. Peer 2 Peer University

P2P University aims at bringing together trainers and learners from different disciplines. Experts volunteer to create university level courses and other eLearning materials. These are given for free to students. Enrollment into the courses is usually limited in order to ensure high quality of learning. The training sessions are handled in circles, and these are meant to create strong social bonds between people of different backgrounds. The courses cover a wide variety of subjects.


ezTalks: Discussing Various Types of Instant Messaging

This factor is elemental to Instant Messaging and because of this IM (Instant Messaging) is commonly referred as IMPS (Instant Messaging and Presence Services). Presence lets a user know the present status of other users with whom he/she is conversing. This introduces one new and improved method of communication.

Different Types of Instant Messaging

The instant messaging (IM) is now immensely popular and is available to the internet users since a long time. Recently different types of instant messaging have emerged with new features and benefits. For instance, The ezTalks Cloud Meeting can hold an unlimited number of meetings and live broadcasting. Features like HD audio, HD video, and gallery & full-screen view makes it more alluring. One can also schedule meetings using the ezTalks Cloud Meeting. In addition to this, the ezTalks Cloud Meeting also offers 24-hours email, phone support, and Livechat. The following are the most popular types of instant online whiteboard

1. Email Messengers

This is one of the most popular instant messaging services that are available today. Most of the email messaging platforms offers instant messaging features with other features as well such as IMVironments, custom-status messages, and address-book integration. In addition to these, they also allow their users to gain access of the Chat rooms. The Android and iOS users can also do video calls and voice calls. Email Messengers also offers file sharing and voicemail features to its users. One can even share files of sizes as big as two GB. These messengers also offer the users to create different plug-ins and listen to paid & free radio services. The email messengers are still trusted as one of the best instant messaging services in the collaboration software

2. Social Media Messenger

The social media messenger is another immensely popular instant messaging service provider that helps people reach other people very easily. Social media messenger such as Facebook Messenger offers many latest and interesting features such as live-messaging tools and bot, which helps its users in creating one custom experience. In addition to these, Facebook Messenger also offers voice calling and video calling as well. Users can use the social media Messenger to interact with other people without having to download the app. One can just build his/her bot & instantly reach his/her friends and colleagues on whichever platform and device they use. Moreover, the conversational interface of the social media Messenger allows its users to communicate in a more personal way. The social media Messengers are also being used as an effective platform by business houses to acquire and convert more web conferencing

3. Instant Video Messaging App

Although the instant video messaging apps are popular as a video calling platform, it also has some excellent instant messaging features. For instance, Skype has been there for a very long time, helping people to connect. The instant messaging features of the Skype lets one to share, receive, and send messages to friends and colleagues, or to a group of people. Now, one can also send videos and audio files as well. The instant video messaging apps also offers the option of audio calling as well. This feature has made reaching local businesses to expand their reach further. The instant video messaging apps can be used from mobiles, tablets, and computers. The instant video messaging apps is also compatible with Office 365 as well, making it an ideal instant messaging platform for professional purposes.share screen free

4. Freeware and Cross-Platform Instant Messaging for Smartphone

This is actually one communication platform, which is fast gaining popularity. The freeware and cross-platform instant messaging for smartphones such as WhatsApp and Google Hangouts includes VoIP, SMS, video chat, and instant messaging. This allows conversations and interactions between multiple users. This service can also be accessed through the mobile apps that are available for iOS and Android. The chat history can be saved online and that helps them in syncing between multiple devices. One can also share photos or pictures during conversations. One can also use emojis and symbols in the messages. In addition to these features, this freeware and cross-platform instant messaging can also perform the video chat with multiple users at the same time. These features make freeware and cross-platform instant messaging an ideal instant messaging platform among professionals as well as among friends.what is saas


ezTalks: Virtual Team Solution for Better Collaboration

Here is the list of top five best virtual software available in the market that offers numerous features.

1. ezTalks Cloud Meeting

The leading virtual team software in the industry at present is ezTalks Cloud Meeting. This software offers you a numerous number of benefits for free. Through this easy to use software, you can communicate and attend any meeting or conference with your team members in the easiest way. So, creating and managing a virtual team is very easy with this software. ezTalks Cloud Meeting provides you with a lot of benefits as metting

• HD video calling and simultaneous communication are possible with ezTalks Cloud Meeting.
• You can record your session for the future use and training purposes.
• Easily share screens with the team members for better interaction.
• You can schedule online meetings with a reminder to your team mates.
• You have the access to various tools like instant messaging, remote control, online whiteboard tool, etc to manage and coordinate during the team meeting.
• No matter what device you use, ezTalks Cloud Meeting supports all the OS like iOS, Android, Macintosh OS X and Windows.
• Allow you to add up to 500 team members in your conference or meeting which you can’t even imagine in any other virtual team share screen

virtual team software

2. Slack

Slack is highly popular instant messaging and virtual team software which is used in several organizations for building and searching teams and companies. This software allows the virtual team members to share files, share screens, messaging in private, attaching an image in chat, etc. From Slack, you can have the full control over the private and group conversations. You can add “@” to reply any of the specific members of the alternative to skype

This virtual team software is free for an unlimited number of users, but unlike ezTalks Cloud Meeting, you can only keep 10,000 messages in the archive. For saving more messages, you need to subscribe to its paid plans.

virtual team collaboration software

3. Google Hangouts

Google Hangouts is developed and distributed by Google. Thus, it’s very popular and famous around the world. You can join or host any meeting instantly. However, unlike ezTalks Cloud Meeting, you can add only up to 10 team members in your virtual team. So, this virtual team management software is very useful for a small team to manage. This software supports all the iOS, Windows and Android devices. You just need to sign in with your Google account and you are all set to create your virtual team. You can manage the team with voice and video conferences.what is video conferencing

virtual team management software

4. Skype

At this time, Skype is a very popular and default software to manage virtual teams under big organizations. This is free virtual team collaboration software which allows the team members to connect with the virtual team via voice and Skype video conference calls. Unlike ezTalks Cloud Meeting, Skype offers the screen sharing option on its premium membership plans only. Skype also offers a dial in number to connect with the world at a very reasonable price.

Skype is also available for all the devices with different OS. This virtual team software offers a lot of features for free, but to get the entire advanced feature, you need to subscribe to its paid video conference call

software for virtual team

5. Basecamp

For any big organization with different divisions, projects, sectors and departments, you can go with Basecamp. Basecamp offers business class features. You can set deadlines for the different departments and virtual team members. Displaying announcements, message boards, document folder options are also available with this virtual team software. Unlike ezTalks Cloud Meeting, this software is not free. You have to subscribe to its paid plans.

best virtual team software



ezTalks: The Most Important Online Communication Skills You Must Know

What is Online Communication?

Online communication can be achieved with any digital device, a professional software and an internet connection. The advantages of online communication are numerous and it manages to bring all the participants together, no matter their physical location. Another interesting thing about online communication is the fact that it can be more concise, and it can deliver the message in a more accurate manner. Still, this form of interaction is a bit different than the classical methods, so it requires some additional preparation and skills.

Important Online Communication Skills You Need

1) Prepare the Equipment

Despite classical communication, online communication requires some more preparations, consisting mostly in logistics. For a smooth and successful online interaction, you will need to prepare your device, make sure that your internet speed is constant and get your webcam/microphone ready. You will look unprofessional if the other participants won’t be able to see you well, or if you’re constantly losing signal due to the internet speed. These seem like small details but they can help you make a good impression at the meeting.

2) Look at the Camera

Online communication etiquette tells us to look directly at the camera when we’re attending an online meeting. This information is needed because many people tend to look into the screen, where they can see the other participants. Even though your instinct will make you look at the screen, try not to do it. It’s very unpleasant for the participants when you’re not looking at them and this will express a lack of interest from you. You can only break that rule when you receive some charts or graphic instructions because then you will have to analyze them, by looking at the screen.

3) Choose the Right Online Communication Methods

If you are the person who is initiating the online conversation, then you should choose a suitable online communication software. If you want to have a smooth and fruitful dialogue, then you will need an advanced software, that will provide a wide variety of tools, quick access to all the attendants and a friendly platform. ezTalks Cloud Meeting is one such software and with it, the participants can join the meeting in just a few seconds. After you host the meeting, you just need to send the invitation to them, and they will be able to join it with a single click, directly from their browser. Also, with a professional software like ezTalks Cloud Meeting, you will have access to plenty of tools, ideal for sharing information, delivering clear messages or organizing the assignments. Stop using ineffective methods of online communication, and choose one that will offer everything you need.

4) Have a Neutral Attitude

When you attend an online meeting for the first time, you will have mixed feelings about it. Many people start to become tensed or too comfortable at an online meeting, even if they wouldn’t do it in the physical one. Try to avoid any of these situations and understand that the purpose of your meeting is the same. In order to make a good impression, you need to focus at the discussed topics, maintain your professionalism and try not be overwhelmed, if you don’t understand something. A software like ezTalks Cloud Meeting comes with a Record feature, which will allow you to review the whole meeting if you have any misunderstandings. Also, you should avoid being too sarcastic or too passive aggressive. Since it’s an online meeting, your reactions might be negatively perceived, by the other participants.

5) Sustain Your Affirmations

When it comes to communication skills online, you should make use of all the available tools. If you are attending a professional meeting, then it’s extremely advisable to sustain your sayings with some graphic explanations. Even if you’re showing a chart, a table or a case study, you will look extremely professional and the rest of the team will appreciate your commitment. Also, you will be able to make yourself understood and to deliver the message in a clearer way.


Online communication skills can be mastered very simple, once you have all the necessarily information. Just keep practicing, make use of all the available online communication tools and be confident. By doing this, you will soon learn how to do it naturally, with no additional preparations.



ezTalks: How to Record Webinars on PC

Why Need to Record Webinars on PC?

• It is quite useful with regard to the simultaneous training of a group of staff.
• Recorded webinars can be used multiple times to make presentations.
• Recorded webinars are useful to individuals who experience difficulty in grasping content in a webinar at once as it allows them to clear any doubts that they might have.
• Recorded webinars are invaluable when utilized as self-paced learning tools, especially for slow learners.
• Webinars, especially free ones, should be recorded because a large percentage of percentage of audiences who register fail to attend it. This means that the recorded webinar link can be sent via email to those who missed, so that they can also view the presentation.
• Webinars should be recorded as it allows attendees to share the knowledge they have acquired with other people.
• Recording webinars are also useful social marketing tools to be used on social network sites.
• Recording webinars, especially for paid seminars, is useful as it can be sent to the audience that missed instead of a cash refund.

How to Record Webinars on PC?

Video conferencing has become a very popular solution for collaboration and ezTalks Cloud Meeting software is at the frontline. This is because it is a platform that is easy to use when communicating with co-workers, customers as well as colleagues. ezTalks Cloud Meeting is a professional webinar recording software and a top video conferencing solution all over the world. It can accommodate up to 500 participants in a webinar. There are many interesting features that define ezTalks Cloud Meeting, and the main ones are as listed below:

• Large Meeting Capacity
ezTalks Cloud Meeting can easily accommodate up to one hundred participants in a webinar for free, and up to five hundred participants with its Pro plan. Furthermore, it supports unlimited cyclical meetings and an unlimited number of meetings.

• Face to Face Collaboration
ezTalks Cloud Meeting clearly imitates the traditional face-to-face communication, but the only difference is that it has moved it online and utilizes crystal-clear audio and ultra-HD video. This fosters sound business relationship as well as maintains collaboration that is both productive and interactive.

• Instant Chat
It provides real time private and group chat. This allows for attendees to send messages in the form of text during a webinar to an individual or even to the group chat room. This helps in the sense that it does not disrupt the meetings.

• Discussions and Sharing
ezTalks Cloud Meeting has a powerful sharing function that is inclusive of interactive whiteboard and screen sharing. Whiteboard and screen sharing allows users to freely share any ideas as well as proposals. It does this while permitting participants to easily co-annotate to enable fast decision making. This promotes collaboration and easy information sharing.

• Recording and Playback
ezTalks Cloud Meeting enables consumers to record an entire webinar that is useful for online learning and staff training. Playback promotes reinforcement of useful information and getting missed information.

• Host Online Meetings
ezTalks Cloud Meeting allows for seamless online meetings from mobiles and desktops. It is compatible with Android-based devices, Windows, iOS and Mac.

The features listed above are just but a few as this webinar recording software has an array of interesting as well as useful features.

3 Steps to Record a webinar on PC

There are usually some unexpected reasons that make people to miss webinars and this is why it is good to record webinars. The following are the steps to follow on how to record a webinar on your PC with ezTalks Cloud Meeting.

Step 1. Download ezTalks Cloud Meeting on your Windows or Mac PC and install it. Run the software. Proceed to enter both email address as well as password in order to sign in to an ezTalks Cloud Meeting account.

Note: Click the Downloas button to download the windows version. For Mac version downloading, you can click Download Center.

how to record a webinar on pc

Step 2. Click Start Meeting, as this allows you to navigate through the interface of a virtual webinar room. Note that the area on the bottom left corner that is circled acts as a control for all settings that record live webinar.

how to record a webinar on a pc

Step 3. Then, invite customers and colleagues to attend the meeting. Click on the red circle dot in order to begin recording a webinar. If you want to pause the recording, simply click on Pause and Resume to proceed with the recording of the online meeting. In case you wish to stop recording of the webinar, simply click on Stop. Click on the red circled dot once more if you want to start another recording.

record a webinar on pc

The recorded webinar is normally saved automatically to D:\Program Files (x86)\ezTalks\ezTalksDesktop\Record and this applies to both audio and video recordings. However, this file can be changed if desired.

how to record webinars on pc


The above three steps indicate how simple it is to record a webinar on PC with ezTalks Cloud Meeting. Now that you know how to record a webinar on your PC, try using this amazing software today.